3 Reasons For Eggshells In The Garden

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I somehow knew there was a reason I accepted the challenge to be a Hostess on Sundays from my cousin Julie Lardy who is the manager for IHop Restaurant in town.

One of her cooks offered to save the used eggshells from the restaurant so I could use them in my garden!

3 Reasons To Use Eggshells In The Garden

  1. Tomatoes and Peppers LOVE the extra calcium. If you have ever experienced ‘Blossom End Rot’ the reason is the soil is lacking calcium. Eggshells will help.
  2. Problems with Deer visiting your garden? Deer hate the smell of eggshells and will visit gardens without.
  3. What about those slimy ‘Slugs’? They hate to crawl over the crushed eggshells.

3 Ingredients I Used When Planting Tomatoes And Peppers

This spring I wanted to try an experiment with epsom salt, used coffee grounds and crushed eggshells when I planted my tomatoes and peppers. You can read how I did it in Planting Tomatoes & Peppers Amended With Coffee Grounds, Crushed Eggshells, & Epsom Salt.

The three ingredients I used.
The three ingredients I used.
Tomato plant with three ingredients - eggshells, coffee grounds, epsom salt.
Tomato plant with three ingredients – eggshells, coffee grounds, epsom salt.

This season my biggest offense are deer entering my vegetable garden. I plan to take the eggshells and put around my sweet potatoes and also along my beets. Not only will it add calcium to the soil, the deer may see it as a sign…

Wouldn't it be nice if they could read?
Wouldn’t it be nice if they could read?


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