A Fast Way To Clean Your House!

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Have you ever heard the the number of things we can remember at the same time is 3?

Just for fun click on  and play this quick game called Memory 3.  How did you do? It tends to get overwhelming towards the end doesn’t it?  Did you notice you began to just think color?  Did you also notice how you were looking at 3 of the balls at one time?

Now think about cleaning your house.  Most of us start out with the larger number of balls trying to remember where pairs of one color is.  Odds of getting it right are slim compared to starting out with 3.  Right?

So how is this going to help you create a ‘Fast Way To Clean Your House?’  By creating habits in groups of 3 for each routine of your day ‘Morning, Afternoon, and Before Bedtime’.  Notice the number of routines is 3.

What Do The 3 Habits Cover?

3 areas of your life.  That is yourself, your family and your home.

3 Habits For Each Routine Equals 9!

What are these ‘9 Habits’?  They are one part of 3 to the system I created called ‘Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY!’  Whatever you do in a day, always leave enough time in your day for these 9 habits.  Some take longer than others but all equally important for you to begin to have good days in which you can build upon.  Here are the 9 habits.

9habitsnameform9 Habits To Marilyn’s Way To Dance Till You FLY!

Start practicing these habits today for 3 days and you decide if this is something that will help you find a ‘Fast Way To Clean Your House!’


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