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profilepicture2014Hi! I am Marilyn K. Foster of Marilyn’s Way!

I am so happy you stopped by to visit my website!

I am here to help you in your journey of living well, clutter and chaos free. I struggled with this for years because of my chronic illnesses. Yes, chronic illness is plural.

I am best known for taking for taking a personal challenge with FlyLady’s March Habit ‘Get Dressed To Shoes.’ The first five years I spent my time as a pajama junkie trying to work her system. In my mind I felt I could still get things done. I did but not all the things that would help me move forward. I will be writing more about it in my upcoming book ‘Living Well Clutter And Chaos Free’.



I took Flylady’s March Habit as a personal challenge by taking a daily selfie and writing a mini blog for 436 consecutive days posting it on her Facebook page. Today I continue to ‘Get Dressed To Shoes’ and am proud that I have never had a slip.



This website is about my journey from being a 5+ Year ‘Pajama Junkie’ to a 5+ Year ‘Get Dressed To Shoes Success’ During those 436 Consecutive Days I learned lots I want to share with you including a system I created and inspired by Marla Watson Ciley the FlyLady. From there I have put my Bachelor Of Science Degree in Home Economics and my work experience from Fortune 500 Corporations until I was officially disabled in 2002 for Fibromyalgia.



The system is called ‘Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! System To Remover Clutter And Chaos Your Way.’ It is a very user friendly system for anyone with chronic illnesses or for ones who simply do not want to spend their every waking hour cleaning and organizing.



The system allows me to enjoy my passion of gardening without having a house look like a tornado went through it. Gardening is seasonal and takes lots of time and love. I wasn’t happy at gardening until I was happy with my home company ready as I went through the process of decluttering and learning about myself. The two go hand in hand. It makes it easier to declutter when one knows who they are and the lifestyle they want to live. It all adds up to:


Living Well Clutter And Chaos Free


You can find me spend time in my ‘Closed Facebook Group’. It is a great place to start where the support is wonderful and encourages you along the way. I invite you to

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Hope to see you soon!





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