After The Freeze

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One thing we can’t control is Mother Nature. Last night was the first freeze of the 2014 vegetable season. I thought about dragging all of my sheets and blankets out to cover the garden and extend the season. Then I thought, ‘Who am I kidding?’

The season is coming to a close. All the plants have matured and grown the most they will. The inevitable is coming. Winter. Oh how I wish I enjoyed winter to make it easier on myself. I just don’t. In fact I spent 10 years in the south before I moved back to South Dakota. Instead, winter will be time for decluttering, detailed cleaning and any so called ‘Winter Projects’. The following are photos of the result of the freeze we had last night. The lows reached to 26 degrees.

afterthefreeze 001 My tomatoes and peppers are no more.

afterthefreeze 003 My arbor looks bare. My neighbor boys filled in.

afterthefreeze 004 I really wanted these 4 O’Clocks to mature because of the multi colored blooms. I hope I find more like this for next season.

afterthefreeze 005 The back view of the vegetable garden. The green beans are done. The root crops are fine. I have beets and carrots.

afterthefreeze 007 My showy orange cosmos like flowers’ leaves have wilted.

afterthefreeze 008 My Spaghetti Squash.

afterthefreeze 009 On the south side of my house the majority of the flowers were spared.

afterthefreeze 010 Now I will be able to get the rest of the side of the house painted once it warms up.

afterthefreeze 011 Cosmos are done for sure and most of my zinnias.

afterthefreeze 013 My petunias, hostas, and ground cover made it.

afterthefreeze 014 The foliage and impatiens didn’t make it.

afterthefreeze 015 The mums are hearty. I bought them last year and was happy they came up.

afterthefreeze 016Only some of the impatiens froze.

And so the season is coming to an end. Some plants I will over winter for next year. Others will have to be bought again.

Don’t get me wrong. I do love the fall colors of the leaves on the trees. Fall is also a time for church suppers where it is wonderful to gather and meet old friends.

There will be some warmer days ahead and I plan to be outside cleaning up beds where this season’s vegetables were. For now I will enjoy the ones that made it through the first freeze of the season.


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