And All Through The House There Arose Such A CLUTTER

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It’s that time of year and it is around a week before Christmas. I was reading through my threads on my closed group Marilyn’s Way to find something with her permission to publish what she said.  I know it hit home for me and I am sure many of you out there.  Here is what Christine IsFlying said:

I keep feeling like I’m forgetting something, but I’m guessing that I’m just having flashbacks from the TOTAL CHAOS of Christmas’ past… last second shopping, wrapping ALLLLLL of the gifts of Christmas Eve, the complete DISASTER that used to be in the kitchen from hours on end of baking cookies, Mt. Washmore piled high because I’ve hyper-focused on decorating for Christmas…. GEESH!?!? It makes me almost break out in HIVES just thinking about those Christmas’?!?!? Then, I would have to see the in-laws…. exhausted, stressed out, gray hair, without my nails done, and COMPLETELY GRUMPY from no rest


NEVER AGAIN!! I’m glad to say that my Christmas’ haven’t been like that for several/many years (Not sure how long? 5 -6 years maybe?)…

Like the saying goes here in the South…. “IF MAMMA AIN’T HAPPY – AIN’T NOBODY HAPPY”!!!!

YOU deserve the peace and happiness of Christmas too ladies… not just your kids! You are worth it!! Who cares if the entire house is decorated like a Hallmark Card or Martha Stewart’s house!?!?! SIMPLIFY and find the peace of the Holidays!!

FINE is your friend…. PERFECT is your enemy! Embrace “FINE” and let go of perfectionism!

I just LOVED what she had to say.  So this week remember to just breathe and if you are in crisis mode this year, think about how next year you could make you life easier.

Dance Till You FLY!


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