And Then There Was ‘Sage’

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'Sage' The beagle overflowing with 'love'. She loved to go on rides.
‘Sage’ The beagle overflowing with ‘love’. She loved to go on rides.

Traffic At Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge has been rather busy within my family this past month. First it was Abby, then Lucy. Today I regret to inform you that ‘Sage’ has also crossed Rainbow Bridge.

Dreaded Making The Phone Call

It was a rather unsettling start of the day. I had to know how ‘Sage’ was. I made the call. The news was not good. ‘Sage’ got worse despite the IVs that contained medication to help her toward better health. The tumor on her hind leg was simply ‘too aggressive’. Her body wasn’t strong enough to overcome it. She wasn’t herself.

Making The Decision

It is always a difficult decision when it is time to put a beloved pet down. It was time. ‘Sage’s’ 12 year old body simply could not take anymore. I gave Dr. Hennen the okay.

I Had A Request First

I asked Dr. Hennen if she could tell ‘Sage’ that she will be crossing rainbow bridge where Dodger and Abby will greet her. The three of them grew up together in a bustling home of girls that loved them lots. She said she would do that for her.

Sage’s Last Ride

Tomorrow will be ‘Sage’s’ last ride. I will pick her remains up at the clinic and taking her home where there will be a grave dug next to Abby. Her brother Dodger who crossed Rainbow Bridge a few years ago and was cremated will be buried with ‘Sage’. The two beagles will be together again. This time at Rainbow Bridge.

Rainbow Bridge Poem
Rainbow Bridge Poem



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