Are You A SHE?

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Are you a SHE? SHE stands for Sidetracked Home Executive in which the ‘Slob Sisters’ coined the phrase. Today many will use this phrase when it comes to explaining different styles of organizing.

The first time I heard about a SHE was from Flylady. In fact I am a follower of Flylady. I definitely could relate to the term a SHE. It made sense why my home never looked finished.

Since then, I have created my own system called Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! where the core of the system is practicing 9 habits that will help you stay focused to take care of your home and begin the journey of getting rid of CLUTTER and CHAOS.  I share it with others who are interested. There are 2 more Levels you can add to it once you become comfortable with the 9’s.

During gardening season is when I appreciate it the most. I want to be outside as much as possible. My thoughts are that winter is for the real decluttering and detail cleaning. I have been doing it this way for 4 years now. And this leads me to…

It is that time of year when my SHEness gets in the way.  I have been canning the vegetables I raised from the garden. Some that I picked still need some time to ripen. One of the places I do this is my dining room table.

For the first 4 days of this month we focus on Zone 1 – Entry/Dining Room. So what do I do instead? I found myself vacuuming in the living room. The small trash can was full so I took that out to the garbage to see my grass that I am trying to get to grow was dry that led me to watering the grass and all the flowers in the front! While I was out there I thought I should take Lily and Trixie on a walkabout coming into the house forgetting all about the fact I was vacuuming so I could mop the living room floor. And that, my flysisters is right where I am at! LOL. I don’t think SHEness ever goes away.

The sooner one can accept this, the better off they will be. You see one thing that is great about practicing Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! is you can jump in where you are. Knowing you are never behind makes it easier to jump in! So if you are a SHE like me, relax! We all can’t be like Martha Stewart. Accept the SHEness in you! I am!


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