Trying To Find The Right Web Browser

I am blogging this in blogger. I am new to blogging and when it comes to computer literacy, well I am not far along. I started the blog named “The Flylady Way” a few days ago. I have been having fun with this and it is all new. I don’t want to lose my followers. I want it to be easy for them to go back and forth with facebook as that is how my true adventure began. If anyone could help me with this, I would be forever grateful.

Keep Flying!

Setting Up Your Gardening By Zones

One of the Flylady principles is zone work.  Gone are the days where we have to turn the place upside down to get spring cleaning done.  And then somehow we have taken too much on and we fall into a heap.  Fall cleaning comes around and we never got spring cleaning done!  If we do a bit each day in a zone during the week this is living The Flylady Way.

I am starting gardening again this season after a 4 or 5 year sabbotical and if I am going to be flying in the garden, I feel it is just as important to set up Zone Work.  I want to set it up in 5 zones just like Flylady.  The one zone I am sure of to be Zone 1 is the outside entrance to our home.  Our yards are an extension of our homes.  When you think of it, the yard and outside of our home is the first thing we see when we come home from work or shopping trip.  Let’s make it nice for us first and the rest will enjoy too!

The other 4 Zones are not set in stone and would like some help from you all.  I am thinking Zone 2 Flower Gardens  Zone 3 Vegetable Garden  Zone 4 The Yard as a Whole and Zone 5 Trees and Bushes outside of the house.  For now, on your next shopping trip, get some colorful dividers with pockets to put in your 3 ring binder and soon we will have the last 4 zones established.  Please comment if you will.
Keep Flying!

Putting Together A Gardening Journal The Flylady Way

So many of us in the midwest are so anxious to start their gardening projects.  None of us know what type of season it will be.  Some are saying it is just going to go from cold to hot.  If that is the case some planning needs to be started.  My mom has planted tomatoes in her greenhouse and the seedlings are up.  It has been at least five years since I have had a vegetable garden and I hope it is like riding a bike.

My first tool in this venture is my Flylady Timer.  Many of us love to look at those magazines for ideas and dream, dream, dream.  The next thing you know an hour has passed and all you did was dream of those beautiful gardens.  Then you check facebook and their is Nikki Here: What’s For Dinner?  Oops!  That is why timer and planning is how this is going to work.  As I tell you, I am also telling myself.

You see, many of us can’t wait to get outside and would rather be there than anywhere else.  I am right with you.  The thing I don’t want to happen is lose my habits and routines that I have worked so hard to create for the inside of my home.  I have been flying since 2005 so I have had a chance to make a go of this for the 6th time.  I was sick during this time but always held on to Flylady.  Last year things began to turn around and I was able to be outside again.  Most of what was done last year is I guess what Flylady says and that is to Declutter.  And that is what I did by way of weeding, pruning, trimming and working on creating a palette for this year.  I did all of this 15 minutes at a time.  If I got too hot and felt faint I would come into the house and stick my head under the faucet to cool down and drink a large glass of water and take a 15 minute break.  We have to take care of our bodies in order for all of this to work.

The next tool I feel is important is a “Gardening Journal The Flylady Way”  This will be of your own creation.  It is very important that you have everything in one place.  Will keep hotspots from taking over in your home.  I have a 3 ring pink zippered binder with white and black flowers I bought a while ago on sale and knew I would use it.  Just wasn’t sure what.  I am a big believer of having a place where you can jot down notes, cut out pictures of designs, etc.  I like one that zips up too so nothing is falling out.

Look around your home and work place to see if you already have a binder that can work.  If not, go and buy youself one and bless it when you get it.  I am still in the planning stage but I do know zone work will be the backbone of this venture.  If you have any ideas that you have found to work for you, please share!

I want to make this fun!  I want this to be The Flylady Way! 🙂
Keep Flying!


Fibromyalgia But You Don’t Look Sick

Many of my readers are of the same age bracket and that is 40/50 year old women that are not only dealing with the fact that our bodies just don’t work like they did in our 20s and 30’s.  In fact some may be coming to the realization that our 20’s and 30’s bodies weren’t working that well either.  So we pushed and pushed and like a popular ad said, “Never Let Them See You Sweat.”

Well, that’s what most of us have had to do, never let them see you sweat if you were going to apply for that promotion of equal employment opportunity and that others apply for.  We never really had many problems getting that job promotion or new job per say.  What made it difficult to keep was the pain and stiffness and feeling like we have the flu, never rested, and hiding the fact that we really didn’t know what was wrong with us.  All we knew is we didn’t feel well.  And since there is no consistency to this illness, being inconsistent is what seems to get you in trouble faster than greased lightning!

Now comes the chicken or the egg philosophy.  Was it a sudden illness or car accident or motorcycle accident or just some form of fall that woke up this ugly sneaky beast that says, “But you don’t look sick”?  Or did it show up on its own through another illness and decided to jump on for the ride?

Does any of this even matter anymore?  We just know everything we feel is amplified and there is no one in our non-fibromyalgia circle of friends and family that is ever going to understand.  That’s where the grieving of your old life begins.  We have to begin making adjustments so we can have some quality of life today.

The best thing I have done for myself is educate myself.  In 1987, the American Medical Association (AMA) recognized fibromyalgia (FMS) a true illness and cause of disability.  It still has a long way to go when it comes to treatment.  The only way I felt I was to be believed of my pain was document, document, document my daily activities to find what works what doesn’t.  I suspect it will never be finished and I have come to an understanding about this.

This is a very high maintenance illness.  I know many times FMS has gotten in the way of even Flylady.  Now I see it was more me that was getting in the way!  Flylady is probably one of the easier tools we can use in our management of FMS because it is babysteps, jumping in where you are, and you are never behind.  How refreshing if only we would use these simple steps.

So, since you can get used of the idea of having a control journal for Flylady, why not get yourself a control journal for Fibromyalgia.  The book I consider the bible to this illness is “Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain” A Survival Manual by Devin Starlanyl and Mary Ellen Copeland.  It is in it 2nd edition now and they call their control journal WRAP which stands for Wellness Recovery Action Planning  It is developing a wellness toolbox and after all isn’t that what Flylady is doing? She has made available many tools she has already tested out and work well.  Start being good to yourself.  Fibromyalgia is like that inner brat tugging at you too and she will not stop until she is heard.  Believe me I know.  That is why I believe in The Flylady Way. I have been able to use these principles in many areas of my life and continue to look for more ways The Flylady Way can be applied.

I have given you some information about FMS, some tools that work, and help you and I find ways to increase our quality of life.  One of the best tools and habits for me has been March Habit Getting Dressed To Shoes.  I still have pain but these past 38 days I have not let it get the best of me.  Keep Flying! Marilyn

Eating One Frog A Day The Flylady Way

This is my first post.  One of the flybaby members started a post called Eating One Frog A Day.  For example she said her frog was filling out some insurance papers she had been putting off.  Well this is my frog that I am eating today!  I have no idea what will become of it except I am going to keep eating a frog a day until this develops for me and I hope you will follow me along the way!

For anyone that doesn’t know who The Flylady is, wait no more!  She is the biggest thing in online coaching for all your home and organization needs!  The best cheerleaders of this group I found have been on Facebook Page.  I have been flying since 2005.  I figure if I have been thinking about Flylady in any shape or form, I consider it flying.  Some will say fluttering and that is perfectly ok if it works for you.  Personally it didn’t for me.  It somehow gave me an out and that was probably the March Habit that I have had so much trouble with these past 5 years.  It is “Getting Dressed To Shoes”  Today is Day 38 and I thank this habit and now a new habit called “Eating a Frog a Day” thanks to Flybaby Candy Rougie  Why?  Because this blog named “The Flylady Way” has been created simply because I was willing to “Eat One Frog Today!”  Seriously, I have eaten frog legs in a restaurant once and they seem to taste like a blend of fish and chicken. Thank you all flybabies for giving me the courage to start this journey.

I am finding the Flylady Principles can be used in so many areas of one’s life and in this blog I intend to show you by sharing other interests of mine.  Gardening is something I have learned to love.  It wasn’t any fun when I was a kid and my mom said go weed the garden.  I thought yuck!  I couldn’t see the big picture of babystepping, discipline, admiration to name a few.  Our moms had the wisdom we had not yet found.  That’s what Flylady has done for so many of us, is shared her wisdom with us and if we step out into faith or eat one frog a day and just try some of the things Flylady talks about I know we will make this a better world! 
Keep Flying!