Born ‘Sidetracked’ In A Born ‘Organized’ World

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Do you ever wonder ‘WHY’ you have such a difficult time with many of the ‘Organizational Systems’ out there? You try and try to fit their mold only to be defeated once again.

That Was Me Back in ‘2005’!

Pajama ‘Junkie’
The closest system I could follow was ‘’. To this day I consider her to be one of my mentors. And do you know what she taught me? Before anything else, you have to…

‘Get Dressed To Shoes’!

Yes, I was one of her ‘Flybaby Pajama Junkies’ trying to do her system. Sure you can do some of it in your PJ’s. But then… someone KNOCKS at the door.

Flybaby Pajama ‘Junkie’
Can you really take yourself seriously looking like you just rolled out of bed? Honestly.

2011 FlyLady’s March Habit – ‘Get Dressed To Shoes’ Challenge.

I took this challenge very seriously. I was tired of always looking like the above and never getting anywhere. Part of it was to prove that you don’t have to be dressed to shoes in order to get your home in order.

Did I Prove Myself Wrong!

Each day I made ‘Getting Dressed To Shoes’ my number one Habit. If all I did was get dressed to shoes, I was a success. I took FlyLady’s challenge and posted a ‘selfie’ and a ‘mini blog’ daily to her Facebook Page for 436 (get this) Consecutive Days! And you know what? I have been getting Dressed To Shoes ever since. I haven’t missed one day! Why because I learned to realize if I wanted any type of change I had to ‘Get Dressed To Shoes’ and ‘Show Up For My Day’.

Wasn’t This Note About Being Born ‘Sidetracked’ in a Born ‘Organized’ World?

Yes! And do you see how easily you can start out with one thing and end up with another?

Bare With Me! There Is A Moral To This Note.

A Born ‘Sidetracked’ Needs A Set Of Habits To Keep On Track As Close As A Born ‘Sidetracked’ Can Be!

And this is how Marilyn’s Way evolved. I have taught myself the importance of habits for my ‘Sidetracked’ brain that is actually ‘Working’!

2017 Campaign I Will Be Writing And Helping You Born ‘Sidetracked’ Groupies Like Myself Learn How To Take A Set Of Habits (9 to be exact) That Will Give You The Structure You Have Been Looking For!

Stay Tuned!

Great Things Are Coming In 2017!

Join The Closed Group!

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4 thoughts on “Born ‘Sidetracked’ In A Born ‘Organized’ World

  1. I love this, I’m the queen of side trackness and love my PJ’s lol especially since becoming a stay at home mom and wife. , my goal for Jan is to get dressed every day.

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