Calling All Gardeners! Do You Want To Hear A Funny Story That Is True?

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It is a normal December Day.  Gloomy and snowing.  I was decluttering my vitamins cabinet and just straighten up a bit.

I saw this bottle of vitamin D3.  I thought it has been a week since I had taken any.  Between the gloomy day and that it was snowing I decided to take one. 

I opened the bottle and they appeared strange to me.  I thought they must be old.  Then, I saw a piece of paper in the bottle.  I took it out and it read, “Soak for two days then plant.”  I am thinking ‘What???’  Then I thought, this had to be Mom that did this!  I just saw the bottle and put in the cabinet with the rest of my vitamins as I was doing some decluttering.  Why would I even open and check it?  Really no reason to.  It sounded the same like the other Vitamin D3 bottles.

I then started laughing and thought I have to call Mom on this!  So I called her and said I was about to take a vitamin D3 and they looked strange.  She said, “Really.”  Then, I told her that there was a piece of paper in the bottle.  I pulled it out and it read, “Soak for 2 days then plant.”  I paused and it was so hard to stay silent waiting for her response.  It seemed forever and then we both started laughing simultaneously!  You see, they were flowering pole beans!  Probably only a gardener would get a laugh from this as we love to save seeds and we put them in some odd containers and think we will know what it is so why label?  Except when your mom gives you some seeds and you accidentally put them where the rest of the vitamins are!

We then talked on the phone for an hour.  It had been a long time since we did that.  We laughed some more.  What we laughed about I am not saying!  It makes it more exciting this way!  I am happy to say that I used some painters tape and properly labeled it and then put them with the rest of the seeds that will turn into seedlings and then plants.

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