Can We Really Start Fresh?

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I never thought getting serious about blogging would be this hard.  I really just want to write.  I started a blog with this name and bought the domain.  Now I can’t get the domain to go on the blog.

I decided to try on Blogger again as I have some blogs started and established.  I am beginning to wonder how many times we get to start fresh.  When I go to get this domain it says it is not available.  I know it isn’t available to anyone else.  This morning I purchased it.  Now, how can I retrieve it?

This blog is about things like this and that.  Sometimes it gets where it becomes so difficult to explain something that it is easier to say, “It all comes down to… this and that.”  I thought technology is supposed to make our lives easier.

For the most part technology has benefited many.  I love how easy it was to get on Facebook.  It is actually where I communicate with others the most.  Now I want to expand my world and make it easier to communicate outside of Facebook.

It can be difficult for this 50 something woman that remembers party lines and grew up with rotary dial telephones.  Can  a 50 something learn new tricks?  This one is trying very hard.  Unfortunately she also has a life to tend to that involves making dinner, washing clothes, cleaning house, and paying bills.

Can you blame me for giving you the answer to ‘It all comes down to…’  this and that?  I gave it my best shot today.  I learned many ways this and that didn’t work.

I am glad I took a break from it and went outside doing something I did know.  That is gardening.  I know just enough that satisfies me for the plants I am going to grow.  Why can’t technology give us this same break?  That’s because ‘It all comes down to…’ this and that.


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