Want To Declutter? Can’t Get Motivated? Try This!

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As long as there are new products, there will always be clutter. Why? Because we simply haven’t learned the skill when we buy something new, something must leave our home.

The Clutter No One Talks About

You know the stuff. If not, let me remind you. It is the stuff laying around in your homes that have absolutely NO VALUE.  Example, a used paper towel or kleenex that didn’t seem to make it to the trash. What about the cap to the bottle of water you drank?

Then there is something we call ‘Junk Mail’.  Sure, the best way to get rid of that clutter is to toss it right away. Yet many don’t. Rather they will pile their mail and deal with it later.

What about all those ‘Stash and Dash’ moments when company will be coming? Who has the time to sort whether it is trash or not? Instead we shove everything into the nearest drawer with the least amount of things.

Then there are the ‘Expired Items’. Last time you checked, they were close to the expiration date. Remember? Time marches on and now it has expired way past the date.

The Solution?

How about grabbing a plastic grocery bag and doing a 25 Fling ‘THROW AWAY’ Boogie? That’s right. It isn’t glamorous. In fact it can be down right boring.

My question is, do we always have to have something to stimulate us and make us think so hard? I am finding out I don’t. In fact one of the things I am asking new members and anyone that wants to get involved is to do the 25 Fling ‘THROW AWAY’ Boogie 5 days a week. Yes I am right in there with the rest.

We as a group have been doing this for 3 weeks now and I am telling you, I am seeing a difference in my home. I have been surprised at some of the things that are laying around unnoticable but in fact is trash.

If you want to get involved join the group! Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! System To Remove Clutter & CHAOS.

Marilyn’s Way is


To Be

Simple, Effective & Doable

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