Can’t Get Motivated? Here’s A Tip That Will Work!

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You know the days. They are the ones where you have so many things to do and yet become frozen in your tracks. So what do you do?

Take Out The Trash!

That’s right! Take out the trash! The first 2 minutes of starting something is the hardest. Why not do a task that doesn’t include much thinking.

The number 1 problem today is Information Overload.    It gets to the point where it makes one counter productive. Who hasn’t experienced surfing on the internet and 5 hours later none of the things you wanted to get done have even been started. Do this a couple of times and then we get into the next level, the Snowball Effect.

In order to snap out of this we have to break away from the computer or the television and simply move. The easiest way is to take out the trash.

Taking out the trash symbolizes that we must get the old out before we can deal with the new. It also gives us a chance to get some fresh air that allows ‘Positive Energy’ to begin to ‘Flow’ again. In other words, it is another way to Dance Till You FLY!


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