Habit # 1 The Easy Way To Get Dressed To Shoes!

Exercise Days

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Some may wonder, what are FLYing clothes?  It is simple.  It is something you feel comfortable in wearing while you are FLYing. The purpose is to get you out of your pajamas that tells your mind to slumber rather than FLY.  So what I am going to do is give you some pictures of FLYing clothes that I have worn.

Your FLYing Clothes Are Determined By What You Are Doing For That Particular Day.
For example:   I am putting exercise into my FLYing at least 3 times a week.  They are not old worn out sweats.  I have 3 workout outfits that I wear that includes jackets.  Nothing fancy. Each piece from Walmart $10.00 a piece.  I layer with a sports bra and top with thin straps.  If I need to run to the store that is only 11 miles away, I can easily do it wearing the outfit.  I can also clean/FLY in it.  So now I know what 3 out of 7 outfits I am wearing for the week.
Errand Day
One day is Errand Day.  I usually wear nice jeans and a nice top.  One day is Renew Your Spirit Day and I wear a nice pair of slacks and top to church.  This leaves me with 2 days left.  What do I wear? I wear clothes that I feel comfortable in.  For me it is side elastic jeans and a top or a sports bra and top with skinny straps with a jacket over it.  That completes 7 days for me.  If there is something I am working on that I am afraid I might stain a top, I pull out my work shirt to cover any spills.  I also have an apron I will put on if I think I will get dirty.
Renew Your Spirit Day
In A Nutshell, FLYing Clothes Are The Ones In Between Your Good Clothes And Your Grunge Clothes.  It Is The Type Of Clothing That You Won’t Feel Bad Wearing When An Old Friend Shows Up At Your Door Or Running To The Store Quick To Pick Something Up And You Run Into An Old Boyfriend.  You Have To Keep One Set Of Grunge Clothes For Certain Jobs.  I Call Them My Painting Clothes.  They Aren’t Super Grungy.  They Have Paint On Them Because I Am Painting.
Apron To Protect Your Clothes
I hope this explains what FLYing Clothes are.  I had a problem at first and if you notice in any of my Individual Photos when I was doing the challenge “Getting Dressed To Shoes, Hair and Makeup”  It was tops and bottoms with a shirt.  It is as simple as this.  So please take a chance on the FLYing side and get out of your pajamas and “Get Dressed To Shoes!”
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Chemo This Morning, Garth Tonight Enjoying ‘The Dance’

Every once in awhile something will grab my attention and suck me in from something shared on Facebook.

The performance of Garth Brooks in Minneapolis Friday night, November 7th did just that.

He is performing the song ‘The Dance’, sees a sign in the crowd that says: CHEMO THIS MORNING, GARTH TONIGHT, ENJOYING THE DANCE.

He seeks out the woman from Iowa serenading her while performing the song. He then gives his guitar to this woman, gets back up on stage and listen to what he has to say.

Garth lost both his mother and sister to Cancer. The love he showed for this woman who also brought her 19 year old daughter proves the passion he has in the fight against Cancer.

What drew me to this at first? Garth. Second performing the song ‘The Dance’ and third the power of HUMAN SPIRIT.

I’m just enjoying ‘The Dance’.


Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! System to help you take care of yourself, your family, and your home by ridding yourself of clutter and CHAOS.

How To Brain Dump So That You Can ‘Dance Till You FLY! mw

The title of this blog sounds rather strange.  Please bear with me and see this through.  I promise you will be glad that you did.  First I am going to talk about what ‘Brain Dump’ is and then how you can apply this to ‘Dance Till You FLY! mw System (c) 2014 influenced  by Flylady and born from Marilyn’s Way that is a page and a group to organization for home and garden.  I have been using this technique long before I knew it had an actual name.

What Is A Brain Dump?
It is simply taking all the things that are floating around that overstuffed brain of yours and dump these thoughts on to paper with a pen.  Sure, you can type it into your computer but most find it is note as effective.  There have been times in my life that I have felt so overwhelmed that I was paralized.  The only way I was going to be able to move forward was to pull out my notebook that I can dump thoughts of things I had to do, thoughts of outcomes not yet finalized, thoughts of things I would like to do.  This notebook is for my purposes only.  It doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone else.  How you get your thoughts out of your brain and on to paper is your way.  Some of it can be doodling, some can be bullets of thoughts.  Some can be best explained by writing a story about it.

How Can It Help You To ‘Dance Till You FLY! mw?
I have been wanting to answer this question for you for quite some time.  I just didn’t know how my suggestion would be perceived and if I could create enough excitement for you to give this a try when it comes to taking care of yourself and your home.  First, I want you to throw perfectionism and procrastination right out the door.  They are not welcomed when it come so to doing a ‘Brain Dump’.  Now I want you to take your notebook and pen and just start dumping all of the thoughts you have in your head and on to paper in this notebook.  Set the timer for 15 minutes.  When the fifteen minutes are up, that’s it.  None of what you just wrote has to make any sense to anyone but you and sometimes there are a few things that don’t make sense to you during this session but in due time.  Those are called ‘aha moments’.  Be aware of how you feel after you have done a 15 minute Brain Dump.  I will be doing one when I finish this blog because I have so much on my mind that I find I am becoming to feel paralyzed and I want to dance till I fly!

I think this is enough information for you to get started.  The next blog will be about what to do about all this information that just came out of your brain and on to the paper of your notebook.  All of those thoughts have homes and I will show you where to put them.  For now, get your timer, set it for 15 minutes and just start dumping everything you have in your brain and put it in your magical notebook because that is what it is going to become.  We will be doing more than just one brain dump.  Some feel the need to do it daily for awhile, then weekly, monthly and finally quarterly.  By getting these thoughts out of your brain you can focus on the nine habits each day every day as your foundation or core to ‘Dance Till You FLY! mw System (c) 2014 and know that all of your other thoughts are in that magical notebook of yours just waiting to be ready for the next dance step of your thoughts!
Dance Till You FLY! mw

Doing The Nine Habits Are Like A Three Part Dance Step


Recently I asked my group how they were doing with the ‘Nine Habits Each Day Every Day’ that are PART of the ‘Dance Till You FLY! mw (c) 2013 System that is influenced by Flylady along with my challenges and experiences.  You see, I live with Fibromyalgia 24/7.  I HAD to find a way to take care of my home the easiest way possible because I am in pain on a scale of 1-10 as a 9 ninety percent of the time.  I can’t have something that is difficult, rigid, redundant.  I need simple, streamlined and if I miss a habit here or there I don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.  I just keep going.  I have been doing the nines for three years now and I am so glad I came up with this.  Otherwise, I would not have made it and there would be no Marilyn’s Way.  I worked very hard to come up with nine simple habits that OVERLAP each other so by the end of the day I could feel like a success because I already had the next day lined up for me by doing the last three habits of the day.

I am a bit stumped why 80% of my group still isn’t doing this.  If they would practice it for one month, I just know they would see the difference in their home.  This is what December’s Event is about.  Practicing the Nines makes you a TEN!  Yet I still see many struggling with it.  If you would just do them in the order listed and and while you are in the bathroom getting dressed to shoes, there should be no excuse to ‘Swish & Swipe.’  What? You don’t have a bottle of cleaner like Windex and some paper towels in there?  Get some!  Is the toilet bowl brush in an unhandy place? Move it!  While you are still in the bathroom why not ask that question early in the day ‘What’s For Dinner?’ so you can make sure you have all of the ingredients and take meat out of the freezer.  That is three habits down, six more to go.

Next up is the three habits of the afternoon routine.You don’t even have to wait for the afternoon to start.  You can do these three habits after you have finished your morning routine.  I have done it many times. While you do your fourth habit of a ‘Load of Laundry’ and the machine is running, start the fifth habit, ‘Declutter Each Day.’  You can declutter just 15 minutes or up to the time it takes to wash and dry your clothes.  Then is a great time for a break.  Don’t go to the computer.  It won’t be restful.  Just sit down and do nothing for 15 minutes.  Then get up fold the clothes and put them away.  Next up is making ‘Dinner Early.’  Get the ingredients that need to be chopped, diced, and sliced ready for the main course.  Just have dinner early so you still have the energy to clean up the kitchen and ‘Shine Your Sink.’  Kitchen is now closed for the day.  Most likely there are some clothes you just washed, dried, folded and put away that you could wear the next day.  Take them along with what you have in your closet and lay them out or put on a clothes hanger.

The last thing to do is get your ‘Launch Pad Ready.’  That is whatever you are going to be doing as a project if you stay at home or the things you are taking with you if you work outside the home.  This is also another place for the kids to have their book bags ready to go.  Write a list of perishables like school lunch that will need to go as well.  Now your day is done for the most part.  This is the Foundation of the system Dance Till You FLY! mw (c) 2013.  There is plenty of wiggle room in there for the weekly habits and if you do them consistently they should only take you at the most 30 minutes except for DOO WOP ERRAND DAY.

Take a closer look at the ‘Nine Habits Each Day Every Day.’  See if you can’t get that ‘Aha’ Moment I did three years ago!  Of course none of this is possible if you don’t ‘Get Dressed To Shoes.’  I have 436 consecutive days where I took a picture of myself and wrote a mini blog.  Today I still get dressed to shoes.  If I didn’t my home would be right back the way it used to be, cluttered and uncomfortable.
Dance Till You FLY!

FLYing Is A Process Not An Event!

Today is the 1st of the month and for many it is the time that one decides that they want to LOAD UP and start doing MORE.  What is so different about yesterday?  Oh, we said good bye to the month before, now in the past.  That is really about it.

So why do we do this to ourselves?  We are trying to make taking care of our homes as an EVENT.  It is not.  It is a daily PROCESS that we PRACTICE  trying to stay as CONSISTENT as we can so we don’t have MELT DOWNS.  We want to say good bye to CRISIS CLEANING that takes all the energy out of ourselves so there is no time for DAILY HABITS.

Instead, I invite you to EASE your way into the new month.  The FOUNDATION is our ‘Nine Habits Each Day Every Day’ that keeps our engines running smoothly.  We must first allot time in our day for these before we can deal with weekly habits on specific days. Then as a group we practice a monthly event on a specific subject related to FLYing.

NONE of this can be done without specific daily habits set in place.  I chose nine habits.  Three habits for each of the three routines we have in our day.  Make time for these so you and you home continue to function as you practice on weekly habits, zone work and monthly events and eventually your favorite hobby that has been put on hold because you are always cleaning.

I read an article that said our brains are only capable of remembering three to four things in the same moment.  The best example is our phone numbers.  We have a three number area code, three number prefix and finally a four number suffix.  Try to remember all ten numbers at once.  Do you think you can do it?  I can’t.

Years ago I worked in outside sales in communications.  I sold beepers or pagers.  I would go to my appointment that I set up with a business and when I introduced myself, the next thing they would do is tell the person I had the appointment with: “The Beeper Lady is here.”  I never will forget the time I was meeting with a top executive that was ready to hear my presentation.  He said, “Shall We Dance?”  That has always stayed with me and is why one morning I woke up and thought, “Dance Till You FLY!”  Like nemo, just keep swimming, well instead for me, just keep dancing.

When it was a sale and time to issue beepers out to the company, there had to be a phone number placed with it, just like cell phones today.  When you are in the business, it is automatic to know what the area code and prefix number is.  All I had to do is remember the last four numbers.  We stayed in the same area code and prefix until the numbers ran out.  Then we would move onto same area code different prefix that didn’t take long to learn because we knew we would be in that prefix until the suffix numbers ran out and that takes awhile.

Well that is all I am inviting you to do is three habits that overlap each other for each of the three routines we do in a day.  Isn’t it interesting how our days are broken down to three sections?  Is it by accident or did someone know that we could only remember three things at once and in the moment?  Listed above are the nine habits.  Instead of LOADING UP on yourself with things to do on a list a mile long, rededicate yourself to practicing the nine habits and know in your heart that these habits are necessary to do each day in order to move on to remembering weekly habits and then monthly events.  Just like a phone number, you have to remember the area code first, then the prefix, and finally the suffix.  It is a one, two, three steps to remember.  Kind of a like a CHA CHA CHA!
Dance Till You FLY!

We Are In Zone 4 The Master Bedroom This Week!

This week we are in Zone 4 the master bedroom.  September is also the month we are having the event ‘Declutter Your Clothes And Make Your Bedroom Special.’  If you haven’t started on it, please don’t give up.  Yes, it sounds overwhelming but by the end of this blog I will give you some ideas to help you, especially if this is your first time through with ‘Declutter Your Clothes And Make Your Bedroom Special Event.’  Are you ready to look at this with an open mind?  I hope you will say yes.

The first thing I want you to do is ‘dedicate one dresser drawer for three to four tops and same for bottoms.  This will be your ‘FLYing Drawer.’  I actually have one drawer for tops and one for bottoms that are for FLYing.  The other thing is to create a section in your closet of clothes you hang that are FLYing clothes.  When I did this, my Before Bedtime Routine went so much faster.  In fact I am challenging you to do this.  Think of your FLYing clothes as uniforms in a way.  I wear tank tops and bottoms with at least side elastic jeans and then I have shirts hanging in my closet that I can slip on if I need to make a quick trip to town.  Most of my trips are planned out anymore but if I need to run to the town that is only 13 miles away to pick up milk and bread, I am ready to roll.

To tell you the truth in the very beginning I had three outfits I rotated when I took my challenge in March of 2011.  The decluttering of clothes is a continual process just like housework.  It never really ends.  The best way I have found is to twice a year do a maintainence declutter.  Some of you will be going through it for the first time.  I have been through it several times and still feel I need to do it twice a year.

Another point I would like to make is when you do zone work you must declutter first.  I know when I was gearing up to do my Get Dressed to Shoes, Hair and Makeup Challenge, I decluttered my bedroom and got everything out of there that didn’t belong.  The stuff went into my worst room that I could shut the door on.  I did this so that I could focus on my Before Bedtime Routine and Getting Dressed To Shoes, Hair and Makeup.  We simply cannot do all of this at once.  That is what we have been trying to do for years.  It just doesn’t work for us.

The next point I want to make is whatever zone you are in, I have learned during my ‘Weekly Home Mambo’ I pay special attention to that particular zone we are in.  We usually know what needs to be done.  You can do Kelly’s Missions if you would like.  You will have to go to www.flylady.net to get them.  She has a website.  I have groups and pages and am not a business.  I am trying to help you withing the realms of Facebook and Blogger.

The last topic I want to bring up is this.  If you are feeling overwhelmed with all of this then what I ask you to do is focus on my ‘Nine Habits Each Day Every Day.’  Why?  Because it will get you ready for the day and get the very basics done that will continue to keep you going.  You will get fed, clothed and sent on your way each day whether it is outside of the home or not.

These Nine Habits you don’t have to like.  When I finally surrendered to accepting this fact, things went better.  I know now that I must do these habits to keep my home from getting out of control and in the state before I found Flylady.  I am working on a blog about this subject.

Let’s have a great week!  Summer has ended and now we turn to fall for most of us.  Please take time to do some of the suggestions I talked about.  What can it hurt?
Dance Till You FLY! mw

This Week Is Zone 3 Bathroom And One Extra Room

Can You Believe It Has Been 2 1/2 Years Since I Took The Challenge ‘Getting Dressed To Shoes, Hair and Makeup?’  Having my bathroom organized to work for me is one of the keys to it.

It is time to give your bathroom a little extra special attention this week as you do your Weekly Home Mambo.  Just little extras like knock down cob webs, scrub the tub, wipe the outside of the toilet down, and do a quick declutter of products in your bathroom that are just taking up space.
The extra room can be your room of choice.  Mine is my Porch/Entry/Laundry Room where everyone seems to gather.  I am determined to getting it looking better than it does by some painting and decorating.  First is to do a declutter again and get the things that don’t belong there and make the room more user friendly.
So have fun with this and bring out some creativity to this Zone!
Dance Till You FLY! mw

Week Two Of Each Month Is ‘ Zone 2 The Kitchen’

It is hard to believe we are in  the second week of the month.  This also means we are in Zone 2 The Kitchen.  There’s a valid reason for this to be in week two of the month.  Week Two is always, always a full week and with the Kitchen being ‘The Heart Of The Home’, we need to give it our best attention this week.  I like to work it into my Weekly Home Mambo that I break the seven tasks into days.  Some of the tasks don’t take much time at all.  This is then the day that I focus more on touching up the zone we are currently in.

I could give you a detailed list of things to do that during the month may not get it’s best attention in the Kitchen on a daily basis, but I am not.  There are all kinds of lists everywhere on the internet to find.  Instead, I am leaving it up to you.  It is your kitchen and you know where the spills happened and the last time you wiped down your cabinets or even wiped off the top of your refrigerator.  Zone work is simply this: wiping door nobs off, the refrigerator handle, spills from cooking, an extra effort in scrubbing the floors.  Maybe you are like me and have very hard water.  I like to bring out the vinegar to remove the mineral deposit build up on the faucet and around the sink.  If your trash can hasn’t been cleaned out for awhile and it stinks, throw some kind of cleaner in the trash can to soak.  While you are at it, wash your broom bristles and dust pan.

It really is simply taking the time to decide what is most important to you and look for ways to overlap a few tasks like the trash can example.  Zone work is NOT meant to tear you Kitchen completely apart and scrub down.  We have a month long event for this that happens twice a year.  Then you can really get into the details if you want.

We use our Kitchens for so many things.  Give this space the attention it deserves.  So goes the Kitchen does the rest of the home seem to be easier to take care of when you are comfortable in your Kitchen.
Dance Till You FLY! mw

Does Your Home Seem To Get Too Dusty Too Fast? It Just Might Be Your Refrigerator!

Check Under Your Refrigerator

Very busy time of year for me with gardening.  I try my best to always do Nine Habits Each Day Every Day in order to keep my home functioning.  Yard work, flower and vegetable gardens take work.  Lawn needs to be mowed, flowers deadheaded, vegetable ready to pick.

I do my Weekly Mambo that has seven tasks.  One of the tasks is dusting.  I try to do my best during gardening season but it is a fact that dirt is going to come into the house.  

When I dusted my desk using polish three days ago, I didn’t expect to see the amount of dust on it.  I was busy doing a refrigerator cha cha cha which is throwing away science projects, wiping down, taking stock what is in there and making room for vegetables from my garden. My desk is in the kitchen.

I noticed dust in my fridge too!  I realize the door I use the most in the summer is the dining room door because it leads out to the garden.  The dining room is just off the kitchen.  I was wiping down the bottom freezer seal because it seemed to have condensation. 

We know how some of us are.  As long as I am down on the floor I might as well take the grate/grill off to wipe down.  Then I thought maybe I need to look under there too while I am at it.  I was finding myself feeling like I was getting sidetracked.  My lawn was calling me to mow it.  I got a flashlight to look under there and it was bad! In the ‘old days’ I call them I would have taken the back of the fridge off and used a vacuum and necessary tool to detail clean.  Then the lawn wouldn’t get mowed because this type of detail cleaning takes at least an hour by the time you get your supplies needed to do the job.  Instead, I have an appliance brush that can be slide under the fridge to grab the dust and dust bunnies.  I got lots out using this tool.  I know more is under there.  I will make a note in my progressive task list so I can get it out of my head and on to paper for a project I can do when I have more time.  That way it doesn’t swim around in my head clogging up my mind for other things that are on the daily list like Nine Habits Each Day Every Day and Mowing that I wrote down on my my Progressive Task List yesterday.  

Yes, I am feeling really good about myself that I dealt with it and gave myself 15 minutes to do my best instead of ignoring all the other habits one must do to keep a home functioning each day and instead hyper focusing on the refrigerator trying to make it look brand new again.  I am sorry but my fridge will never look brand new again.  It is ten years old and has built some character. Sometimes this is what gets us into trouble the most is our high expectations.  I learned that lesson yesterday and it prepared me for today!
Dance Till You FLY! mw

Works Great If Time Is Limited

If you would like to know what Nine Habits Each Day Every Day Is I have put the list in this blog for your convenience.  If you are interested in becoming a member of Marilyn’s Way SECRET Group, please send me a friend request on facebook and I will add you.  My link to my Timeline is Marilyn Foster .

Nine Habits Each Day Every Day

Are You A Victim Of Angry Cleaning?

I want to write about a subject that has come to my attention causing me to realize I used to do the same thing.  It is called ‘Angry Cleaning’.  It seemed it was the only way I could get motivated to clean.  Here are some of my reasons to ‘Angry Clean’

  • Someone has coerced me into doing something I didn’t want to do.
  • Having financial problems.
  • When I felt someone has done me wrong.
  • Health problems.
  • Family not helping me out with something that I cannot do alone.
  • When I had roomates it would be when they messed up what I just cleaned up
  • Lastly at myself for letting my house get so cluttered and dirty that I would start throwing things out the door.

Do you notice that the first five have NOTHING to do with cleaning house.  Interesting and yet there are so many that use ‘Angry Cleaning’ as a method to clean their house.

I am so glad that I am past all of that stuff now.  It did take some work but now my life has been the most consistent in the last three years and I don’t ‘Angry Clean’ anymore.

I came to the conclusion you can have bad habits or good habits and the funny thing is both take the same amount of energy.  So the next step is how bad do you want to turn a bad habit into a good one?

There has to be some form of circumstance that forces change.  Many don’t wake up and say “I am not going to do this anymore.”  It has been working on the subconscious for some time.  Then a crisis occurs and that is when there becomes that window of opportunity to change.

The best way to get out of this cycle is to begin with simple habits you do each day every day so that the ‘Angry Cleaning’ becomes a non issue.  A person can use up so much energy and it is taxing on the immune system.

Practicing Nine Habits Each Day Every Day that is the core of my system influenced by Flylady and other experiences.  The system is ‘Dance Till You FLY! mw’.  FLY stands for First Love Yourself.  The system is all dance related theme to get our endorphins going that are healthy.

We simply cannot be cleaning all of the time.  I certainly do not want to.  I found a way that has worked for me for the past 3 years and much of it has become automatic.  

The most important habit you can do for yourself is give yourself ‘Quality Breaks’.  This doesn’t mean sitting in front of the computer.  It doesn’t give you a change to relax.  A ‘quality break’ is using the timer and doing something enjoyable like taking a nap, having a snack break, playing with your pets.  When I started doing that, I began to have more joy in my life.  No longer is ‘Angry Cleaning’ needed. 
Dance Till You FLY! mw