Inheriting A Weigela Shrub

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Timing Is Everything! I knew I was inheriting a Weigela. I just didn’t know when. The church I belong to decided to remove the bushes simply because of the maintenance issue.  One of the shrubs is a weigela. Every spring I admire it and had placed it on my ‘wish list’. I was intending to buy […]

One Thing Leads To Another…

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I am sure you have heard this phrase, “Now, where was I?” Today with social media at the touch of our fingertips, many think this phrase before even saying it out loud. That is when the trouble begins… It Happened To Me Today I experienced this very thing this morning. It started out with this […]

Banana Pepper Poppers Cha Cha Cha!

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I love to grow all kinds of peppers.  My banana pepper plant has had a high yield.  Why not try to make some Banana Poppers! Where did the term ‘Poppers’ originate that can be another word for appetizers?  I decided to google it.  I found a link for Jalapeno Poppers that will give you the information […]

Bleeding Heart 002

Miracle Of Nature!

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I just love being outside this time of year.  You never know what kind of miracle you will entail. For example today.  I had to defragment my disk on the computer.  Since I knew it was going to take time, I went outside.  There is a possibility of having guests this weekend and I hadn’t […]