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Yesterday  when the secretary of my insurance man said he would have to come out and get papers signed, I didn’t panic.  I have been practicing the nine habits of a flylady influenced simplified system I created called Dance Till You FLY! mw.  Just practicing just these habits each day every day won’t get your home squeaky clean. It does keep your home ‘Company Ready’.

In fact, I believe that this is what most who search to get organized are looking for. How can I keep up on my day to day activities and take care of myself, my family and my home? That is the question most ask. It is establishing a foundation in which to build upon.

That is what Dance Till You FLY! mw System is all about. It is about establishing nine non negotiable habits one does daily, weekly habits on specific days, ‘Weekly Home Mambo’ where one touches on seven tasks to do to get the home ready for the week and finally focusing on a zone each week to declutter first and detail clean second.

Today I want to just talk about the nines and how I got ready for my insurance man to come for a visit. Look for upcoming blogs where I will break down my Dance Till You FLY! mw System and explain in detail. For now, the following are the nine habits I practice each day every day.

Nine habits
Nine Habits Each Day Every Day

What did I do today to get ready for company? I did my first three habits and baked a batch of cookies, cleaning as I go so when he arrived I had coffee and cookies waiting for him. And yes my sink was shining!

‘Company Ready Home’ including a fresh batch of cookies I baked this morning!

It was a real treat for me. We visited about various subjects for approximately two hours. I didn’t let perfectionism spoil the conversations we had. My home wasn’t perfect but I will say it way company ready and that is good enough for me!

What things do you do to get ready for company? Reply down below. I would love to hear.


4 thoughts on “Company Ready Home In Minutes!

  1. My daily priorities are to tidy (includes dishes), sweep and touch-up the bathrooms. I clean up as I go so I’m always pretty much company ready. The only exception is when the grandkids are here. And then I use them as my excuse. But seriously, doing my daily tidy and sweep works wonders on the condition of my house.

    1. Yes, it really is our daily habits that we develop for ourselves to take care of ourself, our family and our home that make the most difference. Doing it this way keeps us from getting out of balance with the amount of clutter we have in our home. Thank you for commenting!

  2. ..dishes, laundry, pupa have been my main three lately…and swish/swipe is very important, along with shining the sink. I also pick up lint off the carpet if it isn’t a vacuuming day. ..and straighten/de-clutter… I always do these just in case. ..whether it’s FIL/MIL, a neighbor, salesman, friend/acquaintance that might show up. new blog!

    1. It is amazing how being consistent with even 3 things a day how far it takes one. Thank you by the way! I am excited about my new blog and as I learn more I will be offering more. Thank you for commenting. Marilyn.

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