Day 13 Of The Greatest Paper Clutter Eliminator Game!

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Updated October 13, 2015

Today not much paper clutter eliminating going on today.  I have gotten through my mail and thrown the envelopes and fillers out.

Today I just had to be outside dead heading flowers for seeds for next year.  I did pick up twigs and that is where paper comes from so I guess I did some paper clutter eliminating.  Just in a different form.  You know what?  That is okay too!  Why?  Because I am keeping this month’s habit “Paper Clutter” in a very important part of my brain.  It is called “TODAY.”

So what type of mail did I have today that I went through?  I had 3 bills, 2 junk mail letters that looked important, 1 thank you letter, 1 magazine, 1 sale book, 1 yellow post card saying I have something too large to put in my mail box and 1 phone book.  Those 2 junk mail letters sure looked official and I think that is what gets us hung up.

Junk Mail Pays The Bills!

Through this challenge I took upon myself and hope you are playing your own game, I have learned something new about our mail.  I have found that mail carriers get paid according to the amount of mail they deliver.  So they WANT us to have junk mail!  Now isn’t that interesting?  Do the research yourself and you will find information about it.

Not All Is Junk Mail!

There was one Thank You Letter I received and it is so appropriate for this month.  It is a thank you letter from Watertown Women’s Resource Center where I donated self help books last month that I can count as my paper clutter and their need for books like these.  I also donated my business suits and a sewing machine.  You see the Watertown Women’s Resource Center is a center that empowers families and individuals affected by domestic abuse to achieve self-responsibility and initiative through advocacy and support.  It is one cause very dear to my heart as I have been affected directly and indirectly with this social issue.

So it was a nice pleasure to get a thank you letter from them inviting me to visit or schedule an educational program.  You see my clutter is blessing someone else right now that is working at getting out of a difficult situation called “Domestic Abuse.”  I feel proud now that maybe in some way I may help someone to have the courage to get out of their situation.  Not only is October’s Habit “Paper Clutter,” but it is also Domestic Abuse Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Disabilities of  invisible illnesses and a few more.

Donate Self Help Books To Domestic Violence Shelters

October is also ‘Domestic Violence Awareness’ Month. I ask you if you have self help books that you have read and feel you no longer need them, instead of them collecting dust in your home or in a box or that you see it as clutter, please donate these books to a resource center like I have.  It has been a great feeling that I have done something positive for my community.  I may even save someone’s life by releasing my clutter that will benefit a facility that helps families of Domestic Abuse.

Keep Ridding Yourself Of Paper Clutter and Keep FLYing!

It was so nice to receive a Thank You Letter for appreciating my clutter.

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