Day 14 Of The Greatest Paper Clutter Eliminator Game!

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Updated October 14, 2015

      It’s 8:00 PM And I Haven’t Gotten Rid Of Any Paper Clutter!

I promised myself I would do some everyday.  The paper clutter I am going to be dealing with is just basic paper clutter.

Do A 25 Fling ‘THROW AWAY’ Boogie!

So tonight, I am setting my goal as doing a 25 Fling ‘THROW AWAY’ Boogie and grabbing trash bag to go through the house looking for paper clutter.  Be advised that some may not be paper clutter, just simply clutter that needs to be tossed as I will be doing the “Do It Now” principle as well.

Yay! I got it done!  I did a 25 Fling ‘THROW AWAY’  Boogie!  25 Stands for the day of the month I was born.  It really didn’t take too long either and my surfaces are thanking me for it!

Keep Getting Rid Of Paper Clutter and Dance Till You FLY! System To Remove Clutter & CHAOS

I am glad now that I took the time to do a 25 Fling Boogie.  It wasn’t hard at all.  Hardest part  was getting started!
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