Day 31 Of The Greatest Paper Clutter Eliminator Game!

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Day 31.  Wasn’t quite sure I could stay with this challenge and game for 31 days but I did it and my home is thanking me for it.

I didn’t get it all done but then that would be calling it “Perfect” wouldn’t it?  Instead, I will continue with the incoming mail and declutter the pockets of paper clutter that have been tucked away in strange places for unknown reasons but at the time made sense.

Today I am going to consolidate the things I am keeping in box or boxes and mark them “Put Away.”  I will then take the boxes and put them in my extra room to bring out the box and work on it each day in November until it is completed.  I won’t be posting about it.  My challenge for myself was for the month of October practicing the Habit of “Paper Clutter.”

November’s Habit is “Meal Planning.”  That means I will be practicing that habit.  I won’t be writing about it.  I am going to turn things down a notch for me and enjoy my November concentrating on as much yard clean up I can get done before it is impossible to do it.  I don’t know for sure when I am getting my shed so will be using my empty tubs from eliminating Paper Clutter to put my whimsies in.

Keep Getting Rid of Paper Clutter and Keep FLYing!

My corner is empty.  It is where the old propane furnace was and I couldn’t get back there to paint.  I also have to get rid of the stove pipe.  It isn’t a pretty picture when it comes to the work I have to do yet.  But it sure looks pretty to me because the corner is free of boxes I worked on during October’s Habit “Paper Clutter.”  Whoosh!  A big accomplishment for myself personally and that is what FLYing is about, making yourself happy!

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  1. Thank you, Marilyn. I haven't got rid of as much as you, but I now have several quite large empty plastic tubs and found things I'd forgotten about. You have been a great inspiration.

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