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Day 392
Getting Dressed To Shoes Hair and Makeup
Monday, March 26, 2012
MARILYN’S WAY  Weekly Home Blessing Day.  I hate to admit it but my Weekly Home Blessing isn’t done yet today.  I like to do it all at once and it looks like I will still be able to.  If for some reason I cannot, I will do at least one of the steps.  The steps are as follows: change sheets, cull magazines and newspapers, trash, dust, mirrors and doors, vacuum, and sweep/mop floors.  If I do it all together, I allow myself two hours with two 15 minute breaks.  I just straighten up and will make notes of things that may need to be detailed cleaned when we are in that particular zone.

I know many of you are into zone cleaning.  It is wonderful.  The thing is until you can get your basic daily routines going for you, you will become frustrated.  This was what was happening to me.  Why? Because I hadn’t spent enough time decluttering so that I could easily do zone work.  Now for myself instead of calling it Weekly Home Blessing Hour, I call it Weekly Home Blessing Day.  If you can get it done in an hour, I am all for it!  I can’t because of my disabilities.  Instead, I slow it down and may do minor detailed cleaning if I feel the need.  It simply depends on what Zone we are in for the month.  I have some Zones I feel are completely decluttered and then I have some that are ones in progress.  The later is of course more difficult to detail clean.

Tomorrow will be the Second week of “Marilyn’s Way Stepping Stones.”  It is something to compliment Flylady and what she teaches.  I am adding some of the why’s in case you want to know.  Tomorrow, our weekly goal will be Our Home’s Floor Plan.  This is something that helped me to fly better and am sharing with you.

I also wrote two blogs today.  You can find them on my blog  One is about decluttering and the other about teenage girls.
Keep FLYing!
Marilyn & Lily

Day 392  I told Lily to smile!

She’s on to thinking about the treat she is going to get next!

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