Day 393 “Daily Photo Mini Blog” Day 393

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Day 393
Getting Dressed To Shoes, Hair & Makeup
Tuesday, March 27, 2012
MARILYN’S WAY  Plan & Play Day.  First of all, I would like to ask a favor of all of you.  Stop what you are doing and go to Decorah Eagles Facebook Page!  The first of three eaglets has been born!  I have been watching this also on UStream Live and have been fascinated by it!  It is the number one video of all time.  People of all ages are watching this.  Classrooms are involved!  Let’s get some Flybabies involved!  I want to thank Barbara Scanlan Feeney for sending me a link to this “Phenomena of Nature.”  This is our “National Bird!”    How can we relate this to FLYing?  I will tell you.  If you continue to jump in each and every day, when it’s time your miracle of FLYing will be presented to you!  Flylady I believe with concentrated effort took eight months to get her FLYing to Soar.  Please Marla, correct me if I am wrong.  Myself, on the other hand took longer.  Why?  Because I simply didn’t want to “Shine My Sink” and do my “Before Bedtime Routine” so that I could get “Dressed To Shoes, Hair and Makeup” every day.  Of course there is going to be more than this in FLYing.  The point that I am driving at and I feel Flylady would be in agreement with me, until you can establish these HABITS that are the FOUNDATION  to Flylady, it will take you longer.  I have been a member since 2005.  I have practiced Flylady to the best of my ability avoiding the previous mentioned.  It wasn’t until I took upon this challenge for myself to “Get Dressed To Shoes, Hair and Makeup” that things began to turn around for me.  One of the biggest things I can say that is 500% better, and that is my “ATTITUDE” towards FLYing.  I am able to do this and still live my life by jumping in each day.  When Flylady talks about “Baby Steps” she means it and one area is our way of thinking.  Otherwise you will continue to be doing “Crisis Cleaning” then crashing and burning. I was in this cycle most of my life and it feels great to be off that “Merry Go Round.”  This is why I would love each and everyone of you to check out the Decorah Eagles Facebook Page.  Show your children this too.  Afterall part of our day is to “Play” today!
Keep FLYing!
Marilyn & Lily

Day 393

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