Day 7 of The Great Declutter Your Kitchen And Organize Your Pantry Event!

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Tomorrow the Schwans man LeRoy stops by.  Today is the day to do a ‘Freezer Cha Cha’.  I will take inventory and clean my freezer of the refrigerator.  Earlier in the month I did the refrigerator part and ran out of time for the freezer.  I set a date to do it and today I am following through.

I have been giving my kitchen a lot of thought this month with this event.  I would say more thought than I have in two years.  Just because things are set up the way they are doesn’t mean I can’t change things around to see if it will make it easier to do Habit #6 Make Dinner Early.  I have been taking notes and writing them in my Franklin Planner under tab #2 that has my ‘Dance Till You FLY! mw System’ set up by five separate zones ‘Progressive Task List’ or PTL I use when I get an idea and want to change things up or the things that are left to do in the particular zone.  Tomorrow I will get to the project I came up with today that I feel is going to make my kitchen flow better.  Stay tuned.

I have two freezers.  One is with the refrigerator and another is an upright.  Because I don’t want to spend any more than 45 minutes to this project I am just focusing on the one attached to the fridge.  I know I will be moving things around and if it works out that I can also organize my upright freezer in this allotted time I will do so.  This will be my first round of timing how long it takes to clean and organize the freezer attached to the fridge.

Being ADD has its quirks.  One of them is not having a sense of time.  I struggle with it to this day.  Another quirk is getting sidetracked.  Both don’t work well when it comes to taking care of your home.  If I don’t mindfully note my task at hand, I could up having several tasks going with none of them done.  That spells a messy house.  It wasn’t that you weren’t busy.  You were.  Instead you were creating multiple tasks thinking you can multi task when in fact one can’t do any more than 3 tasks at one time.  Still we continue to try.

I have decided I want to keep my meat all in the bottom drawer of my freezer attached to the fridge.  I am thinking it will make it easier to decide habit #3 What’s For Dinner?  You see that is another quirk about having fibromyalgia and being ADD.  I can easily forget what I have.  Maybe this way I can decide if I want beef, pork, chicken, or fish for dinner and then choose the vegetable and have salad ready.  That would make it easier to do habit #6 Make Dinner Early.

Habits #1 through #6 are done with doing 2- habit #4’s.  Habit #7 will be done right the ‘Freezer Cha Cha’ is done.  I begin!

Before the freezer cha cha!

Wiped the seal of the door
After freezer cha cha!  All the meat, chicken and fish are in the bottom basket with the fruits and vegetables on the top rack.  I am now ready for the Schwan man to come.  Looks like it will be just frozen yogurt this time.

After freezer cha cha!  Wiped the outside of the fridge/freezer.

Note:  I did take out the shelf and drawer basket.  Then took a solution of baking soda and a small amount of dishsoap to clean the inside body and side door before I put things back.  This will make it easier for me to do habit #6 Make Dinner Early.

The entire process took 30 minutes and now I can enter this task down in my planner so I have a better idea how long it would take.  Now, to move on to habit #7 Shine Sink, habit #8 Lay Out Clothes and habit #9 Launch Pad Ready.

If you want to know what the nine habits are, click on the following link  Three plus years of trying different habits to be the foundation resulted in this blog.

How is your kitchen and pantry coming along?  I would like to hear.  Tomorrow I will be making adjustments in the triangle preparation zone of my kitchen.  Until then…

Dance Till You FLY! mw

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