Day 8 Of The Great Declutter Your Kitchen And Organize Your Pantry Event!

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This project I am looking forward to.  I am going to be doing some re-arranging the cupboards in my kitchen work triangle.  All the changes I am doing are directly related to habit #6 Make Dinner Early of Dance Till You FLY! mw featuring nine habits each day every day.  The things that I have done so far are paying off for this habit.

When I decided to have this event in April, it has been geared around the spring/summer to come.  I am an avid gardener and when spring really gets here, I will be spending most of my days outside.  I need my kitchen to function properly to get meals made easily or I would be setting myself up for not keeping my kitchen up.  I don’t want to do that anymore.  I have come to learn how important to keeping my kitchen clean and organized as to a direct relation to my self esteem.  Face it,  home keeping  and how we feel about ourselves are directly related.  Most that have a hard time keeping up the kitchen may in fact not have the tools necessary to make a meal handy.

Cupboards overstuffed with things one hardly uses get mixed up with the stuff  that does.  The problem is that when we put away the dishes we tend to put them in the next available space.  Pretty soon some of the things one uses gets moved all the way to the back.  In order to get it, one has to pull everything out and they set on the counters.  One has now created an extra step in cleaning up the kitchen after dinner.  I have been shining my sink every day since December 25, 2010 and now I ALWAYS make sure I block out time to do this daily.  It is that important to me.  I don’t want to have to also be putting away things that I hardly use back into the cupboards I use the most.  Either the item is going to be blessed or is going to be moving to another location in my kitchen.

Sure, it is nice to have all of your like items together.  That is what I have done with my cupboard that has glassware in it.  The problem is my cupboard that has plastic dishes is over flowing that I am afraid to open the cupboard door.  I could create an avalanche with plastic bowls all over the kitchen.

My goal today is to declutter my plastics getting rid of lids that no longer have bottoms.  I am going to move the glasses on the top shelf to another cupboard.  I am also going to move the seasonal glasses to the other location.  The top shelf will then house my plastic containers I use the most in the preparation area.  Remember, it is your kitchen and it only has to make sense to you.  You are the one that is in it most of the time.

A ladder is going to be required to do this.  I am glad I have one that has wide steps on it.  More accidents happen when one decides to get on a chair with wheels instead of taking the time to have a ladder handy.  For me I have had enough falls and bumps on the head that I welcome the ladder.

The project will take no longer than 30 minutes or 2-15ers.  When I decided to do this event, it had to be worked into my day as the nine habits each day every day of Dance Till You FLY! mw System (c) 2014 are the priority.  I always make sure I make time for them.  They could also be called the non-negotiable habits I do each day.  Now let’s retrieve the ladder to get started.  Setting the timer for 15 minutes.

This is my kitchen work triangle. To my left is the stove and to my right the sink and not showing the refrigerator.
I am moving my seasonal glasses to the top shelf.  I will move my serving platter in the box to my hutch in the dining room.
After.  If I want them the ladder is easily accessible.

When I went to get the glasses from the other cabinet, I was up high enough to see dust.  I knew I was going to only allow 30 minutes on this project.  I made a decision to wipe them down instead of going through the other plastics.  Before I would try to do it all and then I wouldn’t get the rest of my things done before bedtime.

I had seasonal glasses on the top shelf.  I felt I could make better use of the that shelf.
Here is the after.  Notice I have space in the cabinet.  They don’t always have to be full.

Now it is time to finish up this blog to get it to you.  Then I will finish with the rest of my nine habits and spend an hour of ‘Me time.’  I am glad I have learned that I can do this one shelf at a time.

Does your kitchen work triangle need to be rethought out?  Be aware of the triangle next time you make dinner.  Until next time…

Dance Till You FLY! mw

(Note actual cabinet and drawers of Marilyn’s kitchen.  Any imperfections were well earned.)

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