De Cluttering Your Home Series – Stop The Flow Of Clutter!

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Part of the ‘Dance Till You FLY! mw System (c) 2014’ features ‘nine habits each day every day.’ One of these habits is to ‘de-clutter each day.’ First you have to understand there are at least two types of clutter.

2 Types Of Clutter

                        1.  Day to day de-cluttering

                   2.  Clutter that is packed away

1.  Day to day de-cluttering.  What is it?  It is the things that we bring into the house that needs to go somewhere.  Instead it gets dropped off in a temporary place.  Here is where we get into trouble.  If what we bring in can be followed through to its permanent home we could eliminate the step to de-clutter.  As we practice we will get better.  It is like anything else.  It is a habit.

Day To Day Clutter
-Junk Mail
-Anything that we purchase has packaging
-Anything that we eat or drink that is in a package

We have to have a place to put these things.  It is called the garbage can and it must be emptied BEFORE it overflows.  Otherwise our clutter from the 3 things above will be left on any flat surface that is available.

If you are NEW to de-cluttering, the best way to approach it is to do the first Cha of a 25 Cha Cha Cha De-Clutter.  The Cha Cha Cha De-Clutter is ‘throw away, put away, and give away.’  The easiest thing to de-clutter are the day to day items you throw away.  If you haven’t been doing this daily, most likely you will have lots of it.  When I started out in order to get myself going I would get a bag and find 25 items no matter how big or small and toss.  If it was the cap to a water bottle that was laying besides an empty water bottle, I counted it as 2 items because I was picking up to throw twice.

Next time I will talk to you about the second type of clutter, the stuff that is packed away and overflowing.  For now get rid of all the stuff that can easily be thrown away.  One of the first tools you need to do this is to have bags that can be thrown out with the stuff.  Trash bags are the easiest.  Grocery bags work too.  Just remember to take it out to the trash when you are finished.
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