Are You Trapped In Clutter?

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It seems our homes, offices and lives are more cluttered than ever before. A recent UCLA study revealed that American families are overwhelmed by their stuff.

Advertisers seem to have sold the idea that our things will save us time and money all while making our lives easier. Instead the truth is our stuff is suffocating our lives.

Clutter Costs Money

  • Devalues our home
  • Takes up valuable space-both physically and mentally
  • Sucks up our time and keeps us from doing the things we want to do
  • A distraction and a source of continual stress

Big Box Office Supply Stores

Have you ever gone into one of these stores to get an ink refill for your pen and walked out with a large bag of all kinds of office supplies? If this has happened to you the store has accomplished its task.

Lack Of Organization

These stores try to convince us that our problem is lack of organization. We spend more money buying bins, labels, and dividers. The self-storage industry is a billion dollar business that is happy to take our money and store our stuff, costing us more than what our things are even worth.

Follow The 80/20 Rule

They say we use 80% of our things only 20% of the time or 20% of our things 80% of the time. However you look at it there is a reason to begin to do a ‘Cha Cha Cha!’

To Declutter Is To Cha Cha Cha!

  • Throw Away
  • Give Away
  • Put Away

As my mentor Flylady has said, ‘You Cannot Organize Clutter. You Can Only Get Rid Of It’. 


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