Friday’s Weekly Wrap Up

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What a week this has been!  Monday morning I started to town to take my blazer in to get fixed.  The job was going to take longer than expected and the shop asked if they could keep it overnight.  What could I say but yes.

Next came problem solving skills.  Lily and Fred my dachshund and Maltese were at home 40 miles away.  The best solution was for my mom to take me back home where I would load up my life including the computer but not the kitchen sink , bring the dogs in and spend the night.  It actually wasn’t too bad gathering all the things to take back to town.  It is just something I wouldn’t want to do on a weekly basis.

I ended up spending two nights at my mom’s.  It wasn’t painful.  Actually we had lots of fun.  One game that has been running for some time  we play together is Skip Bo.  We played 5 games total with myself winning 2 and Mom the winner (for now!) having 3 wins.

I also managed to write 3 blogs for you while I was there.  I am glad Monday’s blog was written Sunday or I may have been in a pickle.  Let’s look at what I covered this week.

Monday – Dance Till You FLY! Series

Week 2 – I explained that Dance Till You FLY! has 3 parts.

1.  Daily Habits Grouped Into 3′s For Each Routine

2.  Weekly Habits On Specific Days With One Being The ‘Weekly               Home Mambo’

3.  Weekly Zones

I also talked about the importance of freeing oneself from perfectionism and procrastination.  It is something we have to work on but it can be done.

I also wrote a blog called Today Is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.  I shared my story on how I happened to get this invisible chronic illness with no cure.  Every year May 12th is set aside to help spread awareness.  You will find in my story it wasn’t just one thing that contributed to it.

Tuesday – Gardening

Most who love gardening are very anxious to get started in the north central part of the United States.  Mother Nature doesn’t seem to want to cooperate so we wait.

What I did do is show you a few plants outside at Mom’s house and then her beautiful violets in bloom inside.  The blog was called In A Holding Pattern For Spring.  Click on the link to see the green thumb my mom has with violets.  They are beautiful.

Wednesday – Lifestyle

I revealed the magic pill in Part Two Of Two Fibromyalgia Isn’t a Death Sentence.  Some may agree with me and some not.  It is what helped me the most in the 25 years since I was officially diagnosed.  I hope to share more of this topic from my perspective for consideration.

That’s the wrap up for the week of May 12th.  If there is something you would like me to cover in any of the three categories please comment and see if I can get the high points of it to share with you.

P.S. Do you like the format I am providing with specific subjects on specific days and wrapping it up on Fridays?  I am trying to find my voice in the blogging world and appreciate any suggestions you have by writing them in the comments.

See you Monday where I continue to write about Dance Till You FLY! Series that helps you learn how to take care of yourself, your family and your home and garden!




3 thoughts on “Friday’s Weekly Wrap Up

  1. Good that you found a path that works well for you. I found that over time, as I cleaned out my “baggage” both mentally and emotionally, I automatically de-cluttered my home without even thinking about it.

    I like the Friday round up because I wouldn’t have time to read anybody’s daily posts. Keep up the good work.

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