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Gardening The PTL Way

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 “Gardening Season Has Arrived!   I Feel So Behind!”  Yup, I go through this type of thinking every year.   This garden nut has been waiting all winter to garden!  We have been teased by the weather so many times.  This time it looks like it is here to stay.

Breaks Away From The Computer

When I need a break from the computer, I get up, go outside and clean the flower garden beds up little by little.  I have one flower garden bed that wraps around my house and the dogs play area, a really big one in back waiting for a garden shed, a flower garden surrounding a large propane tank, and a couple small gardens around trees and my clothesline posts.  Then there is the vegetable garden waiting to be tilled.  Somehow by going out there 15 minutes at a time 3 times a day I am making progress.  Soon I will be kicking it up a notch when I start planting.  That will begin later this week.  Oh!  I can’t wait!

I Have To Come Up With A Better Way

Previously when I went out there I start thinking of what I want to go where and soon it began swimming around in my head.  Today no more!  I found me a notebook that has flowers on it and claimed it to be my ‘Progressive Task List’ For Gardening. 

Today It Stops!

I took a cup of coffee with pen and notebook in hand and I went outside to sit in my swing.  Hmm. How am I going to keep my blog learning experience and gardening going without losing my mind?

Then I Got An Idea!

I thought to myself, the only way I was going to be able to do it all was to set my property up by zones like I do for my home.  Added to that will be a ‘progressive task list’ for each zone to be sectioned 5 places in my notebook.  I will use ‘flag it’ tabs for the sections.

I also added a section in the beginning of the notebook for thoughts not pertaining to the zones or just to doodle while an idea pops into head.

Garden PTL
Gardening Progressive Task List Grouped By Zones

The Zones

Zone 1   Outside Entry Area To The House

Zone 2  Vegetable Garden

Zone 3  Flower Gardens

Zone 4  Yard

Zone 5  Trees and Shrubs

Garden PTL
Freestyle Drawing Garden Plans

A Boost Of Confidence

I got started!  Sometimes that is all that is needed.  I spent 15 minutes jotting things down while drinking a cup of coffee.  I have now laid the foundation for my  2014 Gardening Season.

If you notice, it isn’t anything fancy.  It is just my own chicken scratch that only makes sense to me.  It has worked for me for over 25 years and can work for you.  Don’t be afraid if you make a mistake.  Just scratch it out.  After all it is just a draft.  Never sacrifice having fun in your day!

Tomorrow I will write about my fun adventurous afternoon after I got my ‘PTL Gardening Book’ started.  See you then!

Note:  If you like what I write about, feel free to share with others.  Maybe you know a friend that would like my style of writing.  I have had no training.  I just love to write about things I love and ways to stay in touch with myself in this world of technology. ~Marilyn



4 thoughts on “Gardening The PTL Way

    1. Yes it certainly is. It took me a long time to realize this. The biggest lesson I have learned from all of this is consistency. Thank you for commenting.

  1. What an excellent idea, Marilyn. I will do as you suggest and then my garden tending won’t be more like crisis control. I did spend many many hours earlier in the year digging and weeding and laying down mulch mat. Weeds are a thing of the past for now but the vines and rubber plants in the back still often threaten to take over.

    I have started writing down one or two extra tasks to do around the house each week and so far this is working well. I will add a couple of garden tasks too. You are a good influence on me Marilyn.

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