Chemo This Morning, Garth Tonight Enjoying ‘The Dance’

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Every once in awhile something will grab my attention and suck me in from something shared on Facebook.

The performance of Garth Brooks in Minneapolis Friday night, November 7th did just that.

He is performing the song ‘The Dance’, sees a sign in the crowd that says: CHEMO THIS MORNING, GARTH TONIGHT, ENJOYING THE DANCE.

He seeks out the woman from Iowa serenading her while performing the song. He then gives his guitar to this woman, gets back up on stage and listen to what he has to say.

Garth lost both his mother and sister to Cancer. The love he showed for this woman who also brought her 19 year old daughter proves the passion he has in the fight against Cancer.

What drew me to this at first? Garth. Second performing the song ‘The Dance’ and third the power of HUMAN SPIRIT.

I’m just enjoying ‘The Dance’.


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