How To Hang A Mirror Window

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Some of my members of my closed groups like to know how to ideas.  Today, I inherited a window mirror to replace the mirror I had in its place.  The mirror before was given to me and I made best do with it.

The same person, my mom gave me this window mirror as she no longer had a use for it.  I gladly took it off her hands.  I did do a couple of steps before I realized I should turn it into a blog.  I had   to move the hooks as it was set up to hang vertically and I needed it horizontal.

Here is my step by step I did to hang this window mirror above my sink.

Painter Tape is my friend.  I use it for many things.  Here. I laid out the length horizontal where my mirror was going.

I had to change the hooks.  It was set up for vertical hanging and I needed horizontal so I moved them.

I took the painters tape off of the wall where the mirror was going to go, measured the center of the mirror and lined it up.

I had to move it up further so I could mark where the screws were going into the wall.

Took the painters tape off of the mirror and put it back on the wall.  This time I had it marked where the screws would go.

You can see where I marked the center of the mirror.

Up went the tape back on the wall centering it with the marks for my new mirror.

Got them both screwed in place.  Now time to take the painters tape back down.

My trusty drill driver for the holes for the screws.

Time to take painters tape off.

Time to shine the mirror before hanging.

And there you have it!  All done!


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