Important Note About “The Great Declutter Your Clothes” Event

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Some of you have been having such a great time decluttering your clothes but are not quite done.  Some have finished and feel very accomplished.  Some did not participate because the feelings of freezing up happened.  Some had other commitments that they were working on.

Some of you this is your first rodeo at attempting this meaning this is the first time you even thought about the idea to do this.  Some may have not opened their closet for a very long time for fear of what they may find.

Then there are FLYers like myself.  This is probably my fifth rodeo of doing this and have learned to declutter throughout the year.  Still, I took part in this event and I am going to continue as I have some fine tuning to do.  I still haven’t really gotten the area where there are three deep shelves in my closet like I want it.  So I will be doing a few 15 minutes throughout March as my main focus will be the kitchen and if we can not get the kitchen all done in a month, we will make it two months.  What I want most for you is to begin to learn to enjoy making the family dinner because your kitchen is decluttered.  You have also found a better place for the things you use the most to prepare your meals and you have learned how to clean up as you go by starting out with a sink full of hot soapy water.

The PURPOSE of these events are for us to come together using our own style to declutter.  There are no daily missions as some take longer than the other and we all have our own individual issues.  The single ingredient that we do all have is that these are very emotional decluttering projects for all of us.  Many memories and we have to work through these things on our own time.  For example, after ten years, I was finally able to let go of my business suits I had that didn’t fit but they were a symbol of when I was working and it was a good time in my life.  I was afraid if I decluttered the suits it would also remove the memories but it hasn’t.  I just got a nice facebook message from one of my dear friends when I lived in Texas and we are catching up on our lives.  She lives in Illinois now.  Since I released those suits nothing has changed except maybe someone will get the job of their dreams wearing one of my suits.  That would make me happy!

My Three Suggestions To Start Dancing Are:    
  • Declutter the items with the least emotional ties.
  • Declutter your items 15 minutes at a time.
  • Declutter 25 items, bag it up and immediately take out to your vehicle. (This has been my favorite one)

Today, dance your way into decluttering your items if you haven’t started!  You can do it!  This will be the best support you can get from others because it is an event and we are all working on it together!

Dance Till You FLY!

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