Keep Calm And Do The Nine! Nine Habits That Make Your Day Run Smooth

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Dance Till You FLY! mw System Featuring Nine Habits Each Day Every Day

These days I am working on learning easier ways to make my blog work for you.  I have had moments of just wanting to start over.  What stops me?  I have other responsibilities and wear different hats in my household of myself, facebook pages and groups and my two dogs Lily and Fred.  Developing my blog has been on the back burner because I have been helping many in my group learn the Dance Till You FLY! mw System featuring nine habits each day every day.  The system is influenced by FlyLady along with my education, experiences and disabilities.  I have learned to keep myself from getting overwhelmed and keeping me from moving into crisis mode like I have my entire life until with the help of FlyLady and adjusting a way for me to have a system that works.  

You see, if you ever want to gain control of yourself and your home you can use all the systems there are out there as a guide, even mine.  But until you can find your way that works for you will you ever have peace.

In The Meantime, What Should You Do?
Don’t be like I was and think you need to know everything before you can start.  When I think of all the wasted hours of telling myself I need to know more in order to start, I see today that I wasn’t really being fair to myself. I have dealt with many health issues therefore comparing myself to others and their systems is like comparing apples to oranges.

Today has been hectic.  I got on my computer at 7:30 this morning and have taken two breaks, one for 45 minutes and one for 90 minutes.  It is currently 8:40 pm.  The habits I have completed today are 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.  

Instead of doing habit #4 I chose to spend time doing research for my blog, make a phone call, do a refrigerator cha cha cha and get my garbage ready for pickup tomorrow morning.  I also have a back up plan for habit #4 called the ‘3 load limit’ that I will write about in the near future.  

Until then listed below are the nine habits I practice each day every day and the most I choose not to do in a day are 2 habits.  Somehow I have found this simple plan to work for the past 3+ years along with major projects that I would focus on one at a time.  This gives me a home that I am not ashamed of if someone would stop by unexpectedly.

These nine habits will let you………

 Answer that door
 Leave in a hurry to send a bill in the mail on time
 Always ready if a sick child needs to come home from school

Why does this work?  It is they have become automatic for me and I have been in many situations where I have been tested to complete them. One of them was today.  Instead, I made ‘choice’ to trust the nines that have become my friend and they will for you too.  If this is something that you have been looking for listed below are the nine habits and in the coming days I will explain why I chose these particular nine.  Until then…..

Dance Till You FLY! mw

Dance Till You FLY! mw System Featuring Nine Habits Each Day Every Day

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