Let’s Be Frank About Decluttering

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Let’s Be Frank

Let’s be frank here. Decluttering is a tough job! Lots of emotions are involved during this process. Many organizational gurus will say it will take you X amount of time to declutter. PLEASE NOTE: This is a general statement to get you started.

Too Many Factors

Way too many factors are involved when decluttering. Each individual has there own issues that need to be addressed in order to move forward. That is why it is important to start with unemotional items first. This gets you into the ‘HABIT’ of decluttering daily.

Live Our Lives

We still need to live our lives! The clutter didn’t get here in a week and won’t be gone in a day. Keep Dancing and Decluttering. You have it in you to get it done. When you learn to do it ‘Your Way’, the magic begins!

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