Working On A New Website Design

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In the coming months I will be working on an a New Website Design. Please bare with me. I am hoping to do this myself.

In a perfect world I would hire someone to do this. I personally do not have $800.00 laying around to take a chance on a website designer. Furthermore as of this date, my website/blog does not produce any income through affiliate links where I would get a very small percentage of income on a product I use or suggest that you may buy.

5 + Years Of Blog Posts On My Website For You To Choose To Read

The down side is that it isn’t organized well. This is because of my non technical experience. I just like to write about things that matter to me and share with others.

How To Find What You Are Looking For

The best way is to use the SEARCH FEATURE. It will also lead you to similar posts.

Gardening Season Is Here!

I am a gardener and love to share my photos of my progress. In between I will continue to write posts as to how I am adjusting my system Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! To Remove Clutter & CHAOS Your Way. I am challenged with keeping my home in order during this time. Through the use of the system I created, I have been able to keep my home 45 Minutes Away From Company Ready. It can be a challenge during gardening season but because of my love of gardening and the importance of being able to dance my way through the 9 Habits Of Marilyn’s Way life is easier!

I hope you will stay with me through my remodel.


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