Not Getting Dressed To Shoes? Here Is What You Will Miss Out

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If there was ever a day not to get dressed to shoes, today would be one. I woke up this morning to a gloomy rainy day. Who wants to do anything?

To top it off, today would be very tempting. You see I have been putting the vegetable garden in the past 4 days. I have bended, twisted, lifted, pulled, walked, balanced, and took a small tumble. All for the love of gardening.

Snap Out Of It!

As a former 5+ year pajama junkie I know it would be a bad idea. Back then I would have easily said, okay. Today when the thought comes up instead of the usual jeans and knit top, I decide to wear my yoga pants, tank top and matching jacket. I now have the best of both worlds.

Here’s What You Will Miss Out

If I did stay in my pajamas the following is what I will miss out should the opportunity arise.


Yes, opportunity. That’s the secret and the payoff of getting dressed to shoes. ‘It is a favorable, appropriate, or advantageous combination of circumstances’. Who wouldn’t want that each day? I am guessing the able-bodied ones that decided to stay in their pajamas today. When I think of all the ‘Opportunity’ I missed out for 5+ years living in pajamas and I realize today how much I starved myself of life.

I could list a long list of opportunities you would miss, but you know them already. Just to get you to thinking, here are a three…

  • Impromptu Lunch Date
  • Getting To The Hospital Quickly For The Birth Of A Baby Or Emergency Surgery Of A Family Member
  • Morning Or Afternoon Coffee Guest

Start Living!

Still in your pajamas? Stop what you are doing and ‘Get Dressed To Shoes’! With all the styles of clothing out in the stores today, there is an outfit for EVERY occasion.  Why not choose to put on clothes that say, ‘I am living today! I am available for opportunity.’

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