Off Day? They Happen!

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I am taking the time to write about an ‘Off Day’. Guess What! They Happen! I am experiencing one today! I am not happy about it because I did have a list of things I planned to do. How am I going to get around this?

Allow Some Time To Stew

I allowed myself an hour to stew in it. Looking back, I could have gotten the job done in  15 minutes.

What Happened?

When something doesn’t go right, the best thing is to review the past. Last night I went to bed plenty of time. For some reason my dog ‘Trixie’ couldn’t get settled. There was something outside that wouldn’t. We were up every hour for the first 4 hours of sleep. The next time I woke up, it was 11:30 am! I can’t even remember the last time I slept this late! It has got to be over 5 years at least!

Thank You 9 Habits!

Old habits die hard. Yes they do! Don’t let anyone say different! I have been getting Dressed To Shoes each consecutive day since March 1, 2011. This happened because I took a personal challenge.

The crazy thing is that I still had to do the ‘OLD, OLD’ behavior. I had to stew in it. Longer than needed though, why? Because my ‘Trusty 9 Habits Are In Place’.

Problem/Solution Session

I am finding many don’t have the skills of taking a problem and carrying it toward a solution. The following is an example of my Problem/Solving skills that I was able to get myself ready for the day.

Crap! I overslept! Now What?

(Note I did have to stew in this part for an hour using the last 15 minutes Problem/Solution tactics going.)

The Importance Of Habits 7, 8, & 9!

When I realized I had done all of my 9 Habits Of Marilyn’s Way the day before, I was able to breathe again! Next question was ‘Why did I have to stew?’ Good Habits Are As Addictive As Bad Habits But ‘why did I still have to stew?’ Old Habits Die Hard. For myself personally I am grateful that my Good Habits Are Stronger!

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