The Flylady Way – BabyStep Pledge Body Clutter Release Contract #3

I want to get this written tonight so I will be able to share with you before you step on that scale after Easter Festivities and scream!  I don’t want you to.  I indulged for Easter dinner.  I did it with mind and body.  Because of this, I don’t have to scream about my weight when I step on the scale.  Odds are I will not have lost any weight. I know how much I ate.

3.       I will no longer be afraid of the scale.  I will weigh myself each morning and chart what is happening to my body.  This number is going to help me see what I need to do.  It is not a reason for punishment.  It is a guidepost for including more fiber, more movement and water in my recipe for living. 

We have 7 days before the May 1st kick off to begin to get in touch with the ebb and flow of our bodies.                                                                                                                                                   
That is why I intend to do an “ACCEPT FRIEND REQUEST” from my “Bathroom Scale!”  Every once in a while I will get a notification on facebook from my bathroom scale wanting to friend me.  When this happens I would just ignore it.  The thing is the bathroom scale simply wants to be a friend to help me.  You know the type of friend I am talking about.  It is the friend that loves and accepts you for you.  A friend that is not afraid to voice her opinion about issues with you.  It is done in your best interest.  

I cannot think of one friend that hasn’t become emotional about their bathroom scale.  I doubt that we will ever be indifferent to it, so why not give your bathroom scale a name?  We name our cars! Why not our scale?  They are both tools that take you where you want to go!  I am calling mine Sophie! It’s the name that popped into my head, so I am going with it! What will you name yours?  While you are at it, clean her up a bit and maybe put some pretty and positive stickers on her!
Keep Flying!

BabyStep Pledge Body Clutter Release Contract #2

I have decided to take each step of eleven of the Body Clutter Release Contract and write about what it means to me.  I have already written about the first step.  Now comes the second one.

2.   I make a commitment to forgive myself for the Body Clutter I have collected.  I will not look back in disgust, but only forward to the new changes in my way of living celebrating each new day.

I decided I was going to look at this as an adventure and to make it fun.  So what did I do?  I bought myself a new pair of jeans and a knit top!  But why??  I want to lose weight.  Why don’t I just wait?  I have done this so many times in my years of weight issues.  I never realized how much I was actually punishing myself.  Not only was I cutting back and watching what I ate, I was wearing clothes that don’t fit.  Yes, clothes that don’t fit.  How does that make me feel?  It made me feel even fatter and this is where I believe one should turn it around.

Why not buy something today that fits and makes you feel beautiful?  Don’t look at the size.  I am not giving myself permission to get heavier.  I am giving myself permission to enjoy the process!  We have to be in the moment in order for it to work!  Why do you suppose the magazines are filled with this new diet and that one?  They are trying to get you to buy their magazine and they know how to prey on us when we are weak.  I remember how compulsive I could get at buying all the magazines with the latest diet only to get confused, clutter up my home and have less money to spend on healthy eating.  Wouldn’t you rather have a starting point in this adventure by buying something that will make you feel better today that has purpose to it rather than a magazine piling up your end table?

Maybe it isn’t clothes for you.  Maybe it will be buying vitamins, more fruits and vegetables, leaner meat.  I have done all of that and I am still commited to this.  It is like habits I have developed.  I just wanted to try this approach.  I am not wasting money by buying one outfit that fits and feels great.  My number of pounds I want to lose will take up to the summer to accomplish it.

My entire approach to this must be age appropriate too.  Let’s face it.  The process is going to take longer because we are not going to be starving ourselves like we used to think we had to because the models do.  I would like to think I have gained some wisdom and reality for myself.

Will this approach work?  I know of all the approaches that don’t work and I bet you do too.  I am forgiving myself for this Body Clutter I have collected.  I know what I have been eating these past few months.  I have been concentrating on getting dressed to shoes everyday.  Wait a minute!  Maybe that is why it has been such a challenge!  I have never had at least 3 outfits that I felt good in until now!  And when one thinks about it, wouldn’t you rather have clothes that may be a little big in a month than wearing all those tight uncomfortable ones now?  I will keep you posted!  I feel I am looking forward to the new changes in my way of living, celebrating each new day by building my habits “The Flylady Way!”
Keep Flying!

The Body Clutter Bandwagon

Many flybabies are gearing up for May 1st Kick off of Moving In May.  I am not sure what it will all entail, but I am ready to get on the bandwagon.

For the rest of April, I will be thinking about what it means to me.  Do I have the tools to be successful?  What will be the basics?  I know I renewed my body clutter contract and seriously need to read it again.  I am sure it is going to mean things differently than in 2009.

The first step reads  I make a commitment to not beat myself up when I make a mistake.  I realize I am not perfect and I never be, and in order to establish a new habit my success lies in continual changes that do not happen overnight.

I would like this to be an adventure.  I am not sure yet where this journey will take me.  I hope it takes me to the land of wanting and feeling to be healthy.  If I focus on that, the weight will not be an issue like it has in the past.  It is time to take out the stigma that comes with weight issues and being perfect.  Are you with me?
Keep Flying!

Are You Doing The Refrigerator Boogie Today?

In case you missed it, I wrote another blog named, “Friday Night Date Night Doing The Refrigerator Boogie”  I posted it very late or very early whichever part of the world you are in.  I started giggling when I wrote about “dust” in my fridge.  If anything, I entertained myself!  Isn’t that part of Flying too?  Let me know what you think! If you like it, click the like button in Facebook.  It is the only way I know if you are enjoying it too!

Who Doesn’t Like To Be Entertained?
Keep Flying!

My Friday Night Date Night Doing The Refrigerator Boogie

Usually on Wednesdays it is a Refrigerator Boogie.  That is when one cleans it out and takes inventory of what food needs to be replaced.  I have been so busy and primarily concentrating on keeping my sink shined, declutter 15 each day, get dressed to shoes as the emphasis, and making the bed daily.  So my fridge was feeling left out.  This is my first brand new fridge and I have loved it from day one.  The fridge I had before was given to me and you could watch mold grow on strawberries because of the high humidity.  I have always been very good at keeping my new fridge clean and tidy.  I guess it isn’t really new. I bought it in 2002.  It is almost 10 years old!  Still new to me.

Today I was in some kind of funk.  On Thursday’s Flylady and Friends show I was a surprised guest.  It was great fun and enjoyed talking to Marla Cilley The Flylady.   It was a show about awareness and how we first must become aware in order to begin our journey.  We shared many things together and I enjoyed the conversation sometimes forgetting I was on the internet broadcasting!

So, here it is Friday.  I am sure I was tired from all of the excitement.  I was really flying high yesterday.  I took my time getting ready this morning and gave myself a pampering session.  The eyebrows needed to be plucked and a pedicure was very much in demand.  I took my daily photo post with my sign saying Day 46.  Now what? Winter came back to us and no sun on top of it. Was having a difficult time getting motivated for anything extra.  I had all of my routines done.  I was thinking of going to town to get groceries but the roads were a little slippery and it wasn’t worth it.

I fell asleep in my recliner.  When I woke up, it was 7.  Was it 7am or pm?  I must have zonked out hard.  What made it so confusing was snow on the ground and daylight.  Finally I got my bearings and looked at a digital clock that had am and pm just to make sure.  It was pm

My grocery shopping trip will be tomorrow along with the rest of the Saturday crowd.  It is not my preference but sometimes necessary.  I guess you could say it is the frog I will be eating. So I asked myself how can I make it easier on me?  Maybe I had better eat the frog that’s in the fridge first!   In other words, a refrigerator boogie.  If there was ever a time to eat that frog, it was now.  So, I started out with the 27 fling boogie.  It actually was 15 minutes but if I thought I had to stand and clean for fifteen minutes, that frog could rot for all I care!

The 27 fling boogie turned into 27+7.  Lily is getting pretty comfortable with my routines now.  She doesn’t think we are going to eat every time I am in the kitchen.  If I am ready to take the garbage out, she is there!  This is where I write this blog.  Don’t worry though. She keeps a close eye on me from the couch or her doggy bed.  Nothing really gets past her.

Once I got the flinging done I was going to wipe it down quick.  Well, that didn’t happen.  The wiping down part did.  Not the quickly.  You see, my fridge was dirtier than I thought.  Did you know a fridge could actually get dusty inside?  I didn’t think so.  Maybe others call it dirt.  It looked like dust to me!  Am I going to have to dust inside my fridge too?  Am I that “Flywashed”?  Do you think I should ask Flylady?  Not!  I’ll just take this purple rag and let it do its magic.  It worked! Huh!

Now that it is all done, sparkling and clean, I can bring my new groceries home and they will be welcomed by my fridge.  No nasty frog in my refrigerator anymore!
Keep Flying!

Casseroles Are Wonderful Until You Have to Clean The Pan

This is just a mini blog I wanted to share with you flybabies.  Remember how I made Hamburger Tator Tot Hot Dish last week?  It tasted so good and I even got compliments on it from my guest.  I also shared my recipe with you on Facebook in my notes page.

When I was going to eat it at my next meal, instead of taking it out of the pan and heating it up on a plate, I just put the entire pan back in the oven to bake.  The pan I was using was a White Corel Dish.  With the second heating, one can imagine how baked on this hamburger tator tot hot dish got.  So I ate the rest of my hotdish and then thought, oh no, now I am going to have to clean it and in order to do that I must put it in my newly polished shiny sink. Argh! It was painful to do but I put the pan in the sink.  Afterall that is what the sink is for, right?  I had to put some scrubbing compound on the pan to soak.

So, I went about my business doing some of my routines, checking messages and notifications on the computer.  We all know how much time we can spend on the computer for reasons of our own.  My reason this time was that silly pan soaking in my shiny sink.  I thought, “Could I leave it there for tomorrow?  The sink is clean on the other side.  Doesn’t that count?”

 Let’s just start the BBR before bedtime routine.  I washed up and got my pjs on.  The last thing to do before I went to bed was get the coffee pot ready for the morning.  Could I look the other way at that pan as I was reaching in the cupboard for coffee?  Then I thought about the frog.  Do I want to eat this frog tonight or can I wait until morning?  I spent so much energy on this!  It was like fighting with my inner brat.  Finally, the pan started to speak to me and said, “Come on lady, I am waterlogged and I promise I will clean up real nice for you. Then you can put me back in the newly decluttered cabinet so we can all go to bed!”

Sometimes we can make it so hard on ourselves to the point of being ridiculous and that is the point to this blog.  Start Doing It The Flylady Way!  You will thank yourself.

Muskrat Love or Hate

Found out what all of the noise was the other night.  Apparently here in South Dakota we have quite the number of muskrats moving around.  Lily, my half sheltie, half miniature dachsund is on the lookout every night since she spotted one.  Last fall when they were building their houses out of branches and twigs in the sleugh (body of water) many of them were building high, tall ones.  Farmers almanac says if the muskrat houses are tall, we are headed for a long hard winter.  They were so right!!  Yesterday was the first fun day I have had outside in the yard.

I live in South Dakota and hunting is part of our economy.  All the years I have lived here, I never knew they made coats out of muskrats!  I am all for PETA.  I don’t want to get into a debate about that.  I knew they made leather products out of them.

I am learning something new today and thought to be interesting. So, right now it is muskrat season for the pelts for a few weeks longer.  Until then, I know Lily will be on the lookout for them each night!
Keep Flying!

27 Fling Boogie

This is Day 42 The Flylady Way.  I have been posting my picture daily on Facebook The Flylady page.  It started out as the March Habit Getting Dressed To Shoes.  I only intended it to be a personal challenge.  Getting Dressed to Shoes was something I wasn’t good at.  I don’t work outside of my home, so figured what is the need?  Boy, was I wrong!  So many great things have happened since I took this on.  Many flybabies from have been cheering me on and look for my daily post.  It has been lots of fun.  Most of our communicating back and forth has been through the format.  Many suggested I write a blog so that is what I have done.  I am still learning many things about this and hopefully will be a simple task of getting it on the computer and to you.

What is a 27 Fling Boogie?
It is a great way to get yourself moving!  Decluttering our home, yard, and our lives are the reasons for this blog.  We all simply have too much stuff!  So one can pick 27 things to throw away, to give away, and to put away.  Add a dose of fun to this and it is a snap!

All of this is fresh in my mind and then I say to my neighbor kids, “Want to do a 27 Fling Boogie?”  They say,   “Sure, what’s that?”  I told them to follow me.  We went outside and said, “What I would like you all to do is run around the yard and each pick up 27 twigs or branches and put them in a pile.  When they get dried out, we will have a marshmallow roast!  Sound fun?”  They say “Cool!”  There were 5 of us and each picked up 27 branches totaling 135!!  It all took less than 15 minutes!!  After, I gave them each a cheese stick to eat.  What kid doesn’t like cheese!!

Try a 27 Fling Boogie out in your yard.  You will be surprised at the results!  I sure was!
Keep Flying!

Jenna and I saying “TADA!!”

Gardening By Zones Marilyn’s Way Is Born!!

I wrote this today Monday, April 11, 2011 @ 3:30PM

I knew I wanted Zone 1 of Gardening to be the entrance of our home.  That just made sense with Flylady’s Zone 1 Entrance/Porch/Dining Room.  What will be the other 4 Zones?  I had to give it some thought.  I wanted it to work smoothly with the zones we use for cleaning our homes.  This is what I propose.

  1. Zone 1 – Outside Entrance to Our Home.  This is where 1st impressions begin with ourselves and others. What does your entrance say about you?
  2. Zone 2 – Vegetable Garden.  Many of us will be raising fruits and vegetables these coming months.  Some are beginners all the way to master gardeners.  I am looking forward to this!  Our very own flybabies helping other flybabies.  I decided to correlate the vegetable garden with the kitchen.  It just seemed to make sense and easy to remember.
  3. Zone 3 – Flower garden  This also seemed to be a natural progression.  Some may be making brand new beds or maintaining some from years past.  Get creative.
  4. Zone 4 – The Yard.  This will be about maintaining our yards.  Some of us have large yards and some small.  I know the summer months we will be mowing every few days and adjust to that mode. 
  5. Zone 5 – Trees, Bushes, Shrubs and the Outside of the House. It seemed like last year I was always trimming something.  It is also a good time to inspect anything that needs fixing.

We are going to treat this like we do with our homes The Flylady Way and that is breaking things down into zones.  We will be doing 27 fling boogies, decluttering 15 minutes a day,  hot spot drills (we all have them in our yards!) along with it.  Together, I believe we can all have a pleasant spring, summer, and fall outdoors!

This week our Gardening Zone is 3  Flower Gardens.  I will be walking my property to assess what needs to be done.  The top of the list is 27 Fling Boogie!! with my garden cart.
Keep Flying!

Trying To Find The Right Web Browser

I am blogging this in blogger. I am new to blogging and when it comes to computer literacy, well I am not far along. I started the blog named “The Flylady Way” a few days ago. I have been having fun with this and it is all new. I don’t want to lose my followers. I want it to be easy for them to go back and forth with facebook as that is how my true adventure began. If anyone could help me with this, I would be forever grateful.

Keep Flying!