Putting Together A Gardening Journal The Flylady Way

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So many of us in the midwest are so anxious to start their gardening projects.  None of us know what type of season it will be.  Some are saying it is just going to go from cold to hot.  If that is the case some planning needs to be started.  My mom has planted tomatoes in her greenhouse and the seedlings are up.  It has been at least five years since I have had a vegetable garden and I hope it is like riding a bike.

My first tool in this venture is my Flylady Timer.  Many of us love to look at those magazines for ideas and dream, dream, dream.  The next thing you know an hour has passed and all you did was dream of those beautiful gardens.  Then you check facebook and their is Nikki Here: What’s For Dinner?  Oops!  That is why timer and planning is how this is going to work.  As I tell you, I am also telling myself.

You see, many of us can’t wait to get outside and would rather be there than anywhere else.  I am right with you.  The thing I don’t want to happen is lose my habits and routines that I have worked so hard to create for the inside of my home.  I have been flying since 2005 so I have had a chance to make a go of this for the 6th time.  I was sick during this time but always held on to Flylady.  Last year things began to turn around and I was able to be outside again.  Most of what was done last year is I guess what Flylady says and that is to Declutter.  And that is what I did by way of weeding, pruning, trimming and working on creating a palette for this year.  I did all of this 15 minutes at a time.  If I got too hot and felt faint I would come into the house and stick my head under the faucet to cool down and drink a large glass of water and take a 15 minute break.  We have to take care of our bodies in order for all of this to work.

The next tool I feel is important is a “Gardening Journal The Flylady Way”  This will be of your own creation.  It is very important that you have everything in one place.  Will keep hotspots from taking over in your home.  I have a 3 ring pink zippered binder with white and black flowers I bought a while ago on sale and knew I would use it.  Just wasn’t sure what.  I am a big believer of having a place where you can jot down notes, cut out pictures of designs, etc.  I like one that zips up too so nothing is falling out.

Look around your home and work place to see if you already have a binder that can work.  If not, go and buy youself one and bless it when you get it.  I am still in the planning stage but I do know zone work will be the backbone of this venture.  If you have any ideas that you have found to work for you, please share!

I want to make this fun!  I want this to be The Flylady Way! 🙂
Keep Flying!


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