Setting Up Your Gardening By Zones

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One of the Flylady principles is zone work.  Gone are the days where we have to turn the place upside down to get spring cleaning done.  And then somehow we have taken too much on and we fall into a heap.  Fall cleaning comes around and we never got spring cleaning done!  If we do a bit each day in a zone during the week this is living The Flylady Way.

I am starting gardening again this season after a 4 or 5 year sabbotical and if I am going to be flying in the garden, I feel it is just as important to set up Zone Work.  I want to set it up in 5 zones just like Flylady.  The one zone I am sure of to be Zone 1 is the outside entrance to our home.  Our yards are an extension of our homes.  When you think of it, the yard and outside of our home is the first thing we see when we come home from work or shopping trip.  Let’s make it nice for us first and the rest will enjoy too!

The other 4 Zones are not set in stone and would like some help from you all.  I am thinking Zone 2 Flower Gardens  Zone 3 Vegetable Garden  Zone 4 The Yard as a Whole and Zone 5 Trees and Bushes outside of the house.  For now, on your next shopping trip, get some colorful dividers with pockets to put in your 3 ring binder and soon we will have the last 4 zones established.  Please comment if you will.
Keep Flying!

3 thoughts on “Setting Up Your Gardening By Zones

  1. all your ideas sound good, never thought of dividing a yard into zones (but then again i dont plant anything, but i could always clean up a bit i suppose) maybe at my next house i’ll try to be a bit more colorful 🙂 –flybaby jessy

  2. I know I will be doing plenty of 27 Fling Boogies! lol I have lots of tree branches and twigs to pick up from the winter months and I will be getting fresh air and free Vitamin D to boot!

  3. Love your idea on zones for gardening…wish I’d thought of it long ago….anyway, instead of spending an entire weekend every month, it’ll be mush easier this way. Thanks for the great idea…keep blogging 🙂

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