“Speedy ” Whatcha Doing There?

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I almost missed “Speedy” today!  I guess I would have never thought he would be where he is!  Do you suppose that was the main reason for where he showed up today?

I am having fun looking to see where I find “Speedy.”  I don’t always get a chance to personally look for him but when I find him, I am sure to write about him.

See, “Speedy” is one of Santa’s elves that goes into childrens homes to keep a watch if they are being good.  They are full of magic and you have to be careful not to touch “Speedy” because he could lose his magic.  It would be awfully hard to report to Santa then.

So why do you suppose “Speedy” is hanging out here today?  He must have a very good reason because I don’t think he does anything that isn’t well planned out.  Do you suppose he gets a few tips from Santa?

You know, this does make sense for Santa to have elves like “Speedy” to check on all of Santa’s children.  Santa just can’t do everything.  He is smart to know how to delegate.

So why do you think “Speedy” is hanging out there today?  I think he likes to get different views as he watches these children.  I think “Speedy” wants to be fair when he reports back to Santa.

Do you have any thoughts as to why “Speedy” is hanging from a hook today?  Please leave some comments and let’s make this fun!
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