Born ‘Sidetracked’ In A Born ‘Organized’ World

Do you ever wonder ‘WHY’ you have such a difficult time with many of the ‘Organizational Systems’ out there? You try and try to fit their mold only to be defeated once again.

That Was Me Back in ‘2005’!

Pajama ‘Junkie’
The closest system I could follow was ‘’. To this day I consider her to be one of my mentors. And do you know what she taught me? Before anything else, you have to…

‘Get Dressed To Shoes’!

Yes, I was one of her ‘Flybaby Pajama Junkies’ trying to do her system. Sure you can do some of it in your PJ’s. But then… someone KNOCKS at the door.

Flybaby Pajama ‘Junkie’
Can you really take yourself seriously looking like you just rolled out of bed? Honestly.

2011 FlyLady’s March Habit – ‘Get Dressed To Shoes’ Challenge.

I took this challenge very seriously. I was tired of always looking like the above and never getting anywhere. Part of it was to prove that you don’t have to be dressed to shoes in order to get your home in order.

Did I Prove Myself Wrong!

Each day I made ‘Getting Dressed To Shoes’ my number one Habit. If all I did was get dressed to shoes, I was a success. I took FlyLady’s challenge and posted a ‘selfie’ and a ‘mini blog’ daily to her Facebook Page for 436 (get this) Consecutive Days! And you know what? I have been getting Dressed To Shoes ever since. I haven’t missed one day! Why because I learned to realize if I wanted any type of change I had to ‘Get Dressed To Shoes’ and ‘Show Up For My Day’.

Wasn’t This Note About Being Born ‘Sidetracked’ in a Born ‘Organized’ World?

Yes! And do you see how easily you can start out with one thing and end up with another?

Bare With Me! There Is A Moral To This Note.

A Born ‘Sidetracked’ Needs A Set Of Habits To Keep On Track As Close As A Born ‘Sidetracked’ Can Be!

And this is how Marilyn’s Way evolved. I have taught myself the importance of habits for my ‘Sidetracked’ brain that is actually ‘Working’!

2017 Campaign I Will Be Writing And Helping You Born ‘Sidetracked’ Groupies Like Myself Learn How To Take A Set Of Habits (9 to be exact) That Will Give You The Structure You Have Been Looking For!

Stay Tuned!

Great Things Are Coming In 2017!

Join The Closed Group!

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3 Garden Tools For Easy Clean Up

Enjoying Fall Cleanup 2016

When it comes to fall clean up many know the work involved. Back breaking work is what many will describe it. There is garden clean up involving pulling out the annual flowers and cutting back the perennials. All of this needs to be carried somewhere.

What if there was a ‘System’ that helps you get the job done faster?

But First

Using the correct tools makes the ‘Preparation To Dismantel’ easier! The following are a list of tools I use. This is my 6th year gardening. Each year I bought tools I could afford while shopping for the next tool using Amazon to compare tools.

Tools To Help You

The following is a list of tools I use in my end of season garden cleanup. I will be adding tools as I get to the next step. I am writing this post in real time.



Poly Garden Dump Cart

The Poly Garden Dump Cart is my newest tool and let me tell you, we are going to be great friends for years to come! It is making this season’s garden clean up a breeze! The following are photos of my garden clean up.

The Poly Garden Dump Cart And I Became Instant Friends
The Poly Garden Dump Cart And I Became Instant Friends

With the use of my Gloves and Pruner I was well on my way to ‘End Of Season Garden Clean Up 2016’. In hardly any time at all working ’15 Minutes At A Time’ clean up was taking shape!

Was able to get this area cleaned up in 2 - 15 minute sessions.
Was able to get this area cleaned up in 2 – 15 minute sessions.

Pulling My Wagon Cart

I was able to get lots of foliage in my new Poly Garden Dump Cart. I headed to the back of my property to begin the pile that will decompose through the winter.

My Garden Waste Pile.

Dumping Was A Breeze

What makes dumping a breeze with this cart is the mechanics of it. It turns easily even in tight areas. Simply pull the lever in the front and the mechanics of it makes it easy to dump!

Dumping was a breeze.
Dumping was a breeze.
Off to clean more up!
Off to clean more up!

Here’s To Your Garden Clean Up Of 2016 Season To Go As Well As Mine Is!

*This post contains affiliate links to help me offset the costs of running this website. If you are looking for products I use, I invite you to click on the link to purchase where I will get a small commission fee for letting you know what makes it easy for me.



Marilyn’s Way

Looking forward to sharing this season of end of year clean up with you!

Happy Gardening!



Meat Labeling

I was never so happy to see that the supermarket I shop  continues to print where their meat comes from.

Many may not know that in June 2015 the law of country of origin for meat was repealed.

Today we have New rules on how meat is labeled: What you should know.

Here is the breakdown of which representatives voted Aye or Nay On Passage: H R 2393 Country of Origin Labeling Amendments Act of 2015

I was happy to see Kristi Noem of South Dakota voted Nay.

I am providing the Link Where You Can Contact Your Congressman

The purpose of this post is to simply make you the CONSUMER aware.

Marilyn’s Way

April Ends May Begins

Did the month of April go by fast for you? It sure did for me. Activities that have been keeping me busy are my Facebook Pages and groups, teaching myself the technical aspects of blogging, (I swear I was born in the wrong generation when it comes to technology.) and gearing up for the gardening season.

When the technical aspect of designing my page  throws me a curve ball, I take a break and head outside making plans and switching perennial plants around in my gardens to create a new look.  This gives me the opportunity to allow new information that is foreign to me sink in.

I am determined to create a page that is enjoyable to visit. I hope you stay with me in this journey. In the meantime I have written almost 5 years of articles that I feel have great content. You can click on the menu that will take you to other blogs I have started and am working on having all of the posts available to you here.

For those who have been following me I thank you for your dedication to learn along with me finding your own way with the help of Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! System’s 9 habits that help you free yourself, your family and your home from clutter and CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) and allow you to enjoy your life as it should be.

Stay tuned! Gardening photos are on the way! I will also be writing about how I am able to garden and take care of myself, my family and my home by simply decluttering 15 minutes a day. [contact-form subject='[Marilyn%26#039;s Way’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Website’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

After The Freeze

One thing we can’t control is Mother Nature. Last night was the first freeze of the 2014 vegetable season. I thought about dragging all of my sheets and blankets out to cover the garden and extend the season. Then I thought, ‘Who am I kidding?’

The season is coming to a close. All the plants have matured and grown the most they will. The inevitable is coming. Winter. Oh how I wish I enjoyed winter to make it easier on myself. I just don’t. In fact I spent 10 years in the south before I moved back to South Dakota. Instead, winter will be time for decluttering, detailed cleaning and any so called ‘Winter Projects’. The following are photos of the result of the freeze we had last night. The lows reached to 26 degrees.

afterthefreeze 001 My tomatoes and peppers are no more.

afterthefreeze 003 My arbor looks bare. My neighbor boys filled in.

afterthefreeze 004 I really wanted these 4 O’Clocks to mature because of the multi colored blooms. I hope I find more like this for next season.

afterthefreeze 005 The back view of the vegetable garden. The green beans are done. The root crops are fine. I have beets and carrots.

afterthefreeze 007 My showy orange cosmos like flowers’ leaves have wilted.

afterthefreeze 008 My Spaghetti Squash.

afterthefreeze 009 On the south side of my house the majority of the flowers were spared.

afterthefreeze 010 Now I will be able to get the rest of the side of the house painted once it warms up.

afterthefreeze 011 Cosmos are done for sure and most of my zinnias.

afterthefreeze 013 My petunias, hostas, and ground cover made it.

afterthefreeze 014 The foliage and impatiens didn’t make it.

afterthefreeze 015 The mums are hearty. I bought them last year and was happy they came up.

afterthefreeze 016Only some of the impatiens froze.

And so the season is coming to an end. Some plants I will over winter for next year. Others will have to be bought again.

Don’t get me wrong. I do love the fall colors of the leaves on the trees. Fall is also a time for church suppers where it is wonderful to gather and meet old friends.

There will be some warmer days ahead and I plan to be outside cleaning up beds where this season’s vegetables were. For now I will enjoy the ones that made it through the first freeze of the season.


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A Fast Way To Clean Your House!

Have you ever heard the the number of things we can remember at the same time is 3?

Just for fun click on  and play this quick game called Memory 3.  How did you do? It tends to get overwhelming towards the end doesn’t it?  Did you notice you began to just think color?  Did you also notice how you were looking at 3 of the balls at one time?

Now think about cleaning your house.  Most of us start out with the larger number of balls trying to remember where pairs of one color is.  Odds of getting it right are slim compared to starting out with 3.  Right?

So how is this going to help you create a ‘Fast Way To Clean Your House?’  By creating habits in groups of 3 for each routine of your day ‘Morning, Afternoon, and Before Bedtime’.  Notice the number of routines is 3.

What Do The 3 Habits Cover?

3 areas of your life.  That is yourself, your family and your home.

3 Habits For Each Routine Equals 9!

What are these ‘9 Habits’?  They are one part of 3 to the system I created called ‘Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY!’  Whatever you do in a day, always leave enough time in your day for these 9 habits.  Some take longer than others but all equally important for you to begin to have good days in which you can build upon.  Here are the 9 habits.

9habitsnameform9 Habits To Marilyn’s Way To Dance Till You FLY!

Start practicing these habits today for 3 days and you decide if this is something that will help you find a ‘Fast Way To Clean Your House!’


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Gardening The PTL Way

Gardening PTL

 “Gardening Season Has Arrived!   I Feel So Behind!”  Yup, I go through this type of thinking every year.   This garden nut has been waiting all winter to garden!  We have been teased by the weather so many times.  This time it looks like it is here to stay.

Breaks Away From The Computer

When I need a break from the computer, I get up, go outside and clean the flower garden beds up little by little.  I have one flower garden bed that wraps around my house and the dogs play area, a really big one in back waiting for a garden shed, a flower garden surrounding a large propane tank, and a couple small gardens around trees and my clothesline posts.  Then there is the vegetable garden waiting to be tilled.  Somehow by going out there 15 minutes at a time 3 times a day I am making progress.  Soon I will be kicking it up a notch when I start planting.  That will begin later this week.  Oh!  I can’t wait!

I Have To Come Up With A Better Way

Previously when I went out there I start thinking of what I want to go where and soon it began swimming around in my head.  Today no more!  I found me a notebook that has flowers on it and claimed it to be my ‘Progressive Task List’ For Gardening. 

Today It Stops!

I took a cup of coffee with pen and notebook in hand and I went outside to sit in my swing.  Hmm. How am I going to keep my blog learning experience and gardening going without losing my mind?

Then I Got An Idea!

I thought to myself, the only way I was going to be able to do it all was to set my property up by zones like I do for my home.  Added to that will be a ‘progressive task list’ for each zone to be sectioned 5 places in my notebook.  I will use ‘flag it’ tabs for the sections.

I also added a section in the beginning of the notebook for thoughts not pertaining to the zones or just to doodle while an idea pops into head.

Garden PTL
Gardening Progressive Task List Grouped By Zones

The Zones

Zone 1   Outside Entry Area To The House

Zone 2  Vegetable Garden

Zone 3  Flower Gardens

Zone 4  Yard

Zone 5  Trees and Shrubs

Garden PTL
Freestyle Drawing Garden Plans

A Boost Of Confidence

I got started!  Sometimes that is all that is needed.  I spent 15 minutes jotting things down while drinking a cup of coffee.  I have now laid the foundation for my  2014 Gardening Season.

If you notice, it isn’t anything fancy.  It is just my own chicken scratch that only makes sense to me.  It has worked for me for over 25 years and can work for you.  Don’t be afraid if you make a mistake.  Just scratch it out.  After all it is just a draft.  Never sacrifice having fun in your day!

Tomorrow I will write about my fun adventurous afternoon after I got my ‘PTL Gardening Book’ started.  See you then!

Note:  If you like what I write about, feel free to share with others.  Maybe you know a friend that would like my style of writing.  I have had no training.  I just love to write about things I love and ways to stay in touch with myself in this world of technology. ~Marilyn



Part Two Of Two – Fibromyalgia Isn’t A Death Sentence

Today I told you that I would reveal the ‘Magic Pill’ I found to help me deal with my fibromyalgia.  But first, did you give this any thought as to what your magic pill could be?  It is a fact that there is no cure for fibromyalgia at this moment.  However, if you do this one simple thing  consistently it will improve your quality of life.  Why am I so sure of myself in this? Because I have found one and you will be surprised when I tell you.

I invite you to have an open mind as to what I am about to tell you. After 25 years since my diagnosis in 1989 the past 3+ years have been some of the most rewarding parts of my life.   This was after a 5 year stunt of becoming a ‘pajama junkie’.  I was sick and tired of living this way.  It had become a very isolating life.  My sleep patterns were erratic and many stopped calling me because they didn’t know if I was sleeping or not. If someone did stop by, odds were I would be in my pajamas and I would be so embarrassed.

I had been trying to get my home in order.  During this time I was very ill.  I would make some progress and then fall back into old ways.  I would crisis clean and then crash to do it all over again. I was following Flylady and was the closest I had gotten into ‘getting it’.  Flylady has monthly habits to practice and then add an additional one each month.  Every time March Habit ‘Getting Dressed To Shoes’ rolled around I thought that is not for me.  I can get just as much done in my pajamas compared to getting dressed to shoes. I had all kinds of excuses for not getting dressed to shoes.  The following are two of them.

1.  I didn’t want to get my clothes dirty.  This makes no sense at all.  It doesn’t matter if you are wearing street clothes or pajamas, both will get dirty.

2.  I can’t handle confining uncomfortable clothes.  Get rid of them and instead of buying a new pair of pajamas, find a pair of comfortable pants that would not bother you if you had to run out to the store.  In fact there are PLENTY of comfortable clothes on the market.  You just have to get creative and look for them.

I have learned I cannot wear low riding jeans.  They hit me on a scar I have on my hip and it gets irritated.  Still it doesn’t give me the excuse to wear pajamas instead.  I just can’t wear low rise jeans.  There are other styles and that is where I go.  Am I hip in style?  I am hip in style for me.  If I am in clothes that I feel comfortable in it is going to show in all areas of my life.

March 2011 Flylady’s Habit Of The Month

Each month Flylady has a monthly habit to practice in which you practice it for 30 days and beyond.   Every 30 days comes a new month and habit and one just adds it onto the others.

March habit is ‘Getting Dressed To Shoes’.  I knew this was going to be a challenge.  I started the habit anyway.  I really couldn’t imagine what it would be like to get dressed to shoes every day.

Day 8 rolled around.  For some reason I did not want to get dressed to shoes.  I had to talk myself into it kicking and screaming all the way.  Day 9 came and the same thing happened.

On Day 10 it was a repeat of Day 8 and 9.  I could find myself becoming weaker at winning over getting dressed to shoes with myself.

I Got An Idea!

I really wanted to challenge myself to the March habit for 31 days.  I needed this.  How can I continue and see Day 31?  By taking a ‘selfie’ with a sign that said the numbered day.

I received wonderful responses and cheering on when I posted the ‘selfie’ on Flylady’s facebook page and in my group.  I also wrote something about my day.

I loved the high!  Suddenly my pain wasn’t so bad.  It was still there but nothing like it had been.  I was loving this feeling.  My life became MORE than Fibromyalgia!

I soon realized in order to keep this habit going, I was going to have to adjust some things and take the best of Flylady from her system that I knew was important and practice with some of it.  You see before, I was trying to do it all but get dressed to shoes and kept failing.

Coming To Terms

On Day 17  I had the same feelings of kicking and screaming that I did on Day 8.  I was worried.  Now, I had started taking ‘selfies’ and many were looking for the photo each day.

I decided if I was going to continue this habit I would  begin to Get Dressed To Shoes ‘Just For Today’.  As Martin Luther King Jr. says, “You don’t have to see the top of the stairs to take the first step.”  That would be my mantra.

I found I went through this process of not wanting to get dressed to shoes approximately every 8 or 9 days.  Eventually I was kicking and screaming less and less.

This daily ‘selfie’ and mini blog post continued publicly on Facebook for 436 consecutive days.  Today I am still going strong.  Do I have days where I feel like kicking and screaming rebelling to get dressed to shoes?  Of course I do.  The difference is I now have enough data to compare my pajama days to my getting dressed to shoes days.  I am happy to report that the latter continues to win.

What Changed?

I got more involved with people again.  I started gardening again.  Yes, I have fibromyalgia and from the habit getting dressed to shoes, suddenly my ‘what others think of me or whether they believed me ‘because I didn’t look sick’ feelings finally went away.  I can laugh and still be in pain.  Today I know in order to maintain my fibromyalgia I can never go back to being the ‘pajama junkie’ I once was.  When someone knocks at the door I don’t have to make a mad dash to hide hoping they go away soon.  I don’t have to hear comments of ‘You are always in bed ‘ anymore either.  I do have some things I can offer to society even if it is just the smile on my face.

The following is the video that Marla Cilley also known as The Flylady made of my 365 days of flying with one of her songs from one of her cds.

By now, you know what my magic pill has been.  I am not sure it will work for you.  It is up to you.  I know since I took the challenge, many have started this daily habit to be part of their day.  I challenge you.

From the success of my daily habit, I created Dance Till You FLY! System featuring nine non negotiatiable habits each day every day to take care of yourself, your family, and your home and garden.  I invite you to take a look at it.  It is a good solid system that assists you into functioning each day and allows you to do more on the days you feel better.

What ways have you learned to manage your fibromyalgia and do you think how I have approached it will work for you?