The Fragrance Of Lilacs

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Towards the end of this past week an aroma of lilac blooms permeated their fragrance throughout my yard. I have several lilac bushes of white and lavender on my property.  Some of the lilacs were planted by my brother and sister-in-law when they lived here.

I moved here in 1998. A few years later my mom suggested planting lilacs on the east side of my property to line up with the other bushes. In time it would provide privacy and also filter the dust from the gravel road. Today they are beautiful bushes loaded with lavender flowers.

Can you just smell their fragrance?

Lilacs are a very versatile  bush that is very forgiving to the young gardeners starting out. This season I made a decision to plant some what they call suckers that grow from the root and also some larger seedlings.  I have some old trees on the north side of my property that are dead. It was time to get something growing in that area again.

I took it a step farther and planted more along the property line. In no time they will be mature bushes that will be loaded with lilac flowers smelling as sweet as the more mature bushes in my yard.

If you are looking for a great privacy feature around your property, lilac bushes are ones that are hardy, forgiving and very affordable. After the blooms have ended, the lilac bush leaves are a pretty color green that will be great accents to your yard for the season.

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