Turnaround Tuesday!

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Let’s just say Monday hasn’t gone as planned. Not to worry. ‘Turnaround Tuesday’ is just around the corner.

I have been increasing my exercise and now the ole knee is acting up. I am finding trigger points caused by my fibromyalgia everywhere in the right calf of my leg. I have been consulting with Devin Starlanyl and Justine Jeffries experts in the field and have some solutions in the mix in which I will be sharing at a later date.

Trigger points don’t care if you need to get dressed to shoes. They hold on for dear life because that is their job. It took me longer than usual to ‘Get Dressed To Shoes’ as I needed to use my tens unit on my leg. Nevertheless, I got my shower and dressed to shoes. During this time I implemented my ‘Swish & Swipe’ in the bathroom. After all, I was already there. This is also the time that I ask the question, ‘What’s For Dinner?’. I am happy that I made a batch of chili this weekend so a bowl of that and a tossed salad is what I had for dinner this evening.

One thing when you are laid up for half the morning, there is lots of time to think. I decided to put my mind to work on planning for this week I call my ‘Merengue Planning Day’ of Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! System that I created for myself to become ‘consistent’ in ‘spite’ of my fibromyalgia’. Things I plan are the bills I need to pay, phone calls to make, paperwork that needs to be filled out , a few meals I plan to make and the day I plan to do my ‘Doo Wop Errand Day’. Tomorrow I will run to town for things I need. I am hoping for it to be a quick trip and to leave in the morning. My list is made and ready to go.

Trigger points in fibromyalgia love to zap your energy as well. It is a tug of war as they want to stay in a knot where I am trying to work them out like bumps out of saltwater taffy. An unplanned afternoon nap had to take place if I was going to get the rest of my 9 habits done. Releasing trigger points is exhausting. Nevertheless necessary.

Working trigger points in muscles is like working the bumps out of saltwater taffy.
Working trigger points in muscles is like working the bumps out of saltwater taffy.

I am glad that I put a ‘load of laundry’ in the wash after I took my shower and before my afternoon nap. The clothes are now in the dryer and I am hearing the buzzer go off. I may have to run a fluff cycle because during my planning session I realized I have more projects than normal for this week. When this happens I corral them in a plastic tote that I can work out of instead of it scattered everywhere. I have a couple more things to put in the tote.

My projects for the week are corralled in the tote. Trixie reminds me that she needs to be part of my week too!
My projects for the week are corralled in the tote. Trixie reminds me that she needs to be part of my week too!

The buzzer is going off again on the dryer. That means it is time to end this blog so I can get them folded and put away.

What’s left? I need to set up my coffee pot for tomorrow. This is when I make sure my ‘Sink is Shined’. I will pick out my outfit for tomorrow when I put the folded clothes away. My ‘Launch Pad’ consists of my purse and ‘Where’s My Keys?’ I have them both in a convenient place to make it easy to take when I head out the door.

I am sure glad I remembered that tomorrow is ‘Turnaround Tuesday’ so I could make plans to turn things around for the week!


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