Vegetable Garden Tips Followed By A Heavy Rain

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It must have been around 3 am when the storm went through. There was lots of thunder and lightning that came along with the rain. Every gardener hopes hail is not a 4th ingredient. The best thing to do is check the gardens out the following morning.

All of these ingredients can wreck a garden in minutes by way of plant damage, soil erosion and flooding. Mother Nature is just that way. With a cup of coffee in hand and my camera around my neck I took a stroll.

My Vegetable Garden Looks Great!

My vegetable garden looks in tact.
My vegetable garden looks in tact.

Tips To Be Aware Of In The Coming Days

  • Look for any damage.
  • Avoid walking next to the plants when it is saturated. Walking near them can cause soil impacting that limits the growth of the roots.
  • Check for any exposed roots and cover them with dirt and mulch.
  • Be ready to do some weeding. Weeds pop up over night and is best to get ahead of it. Many of the seeds have already germinated in the soil waiting to pop up. I am looking at the banana airplane seeds from my maple tree to be popping up everywhere.
  • Watch out for plant diseases with one being powdery mildew.
Sweet Pepper looks great.
Sweet Pepper looks great.
Grape Tomato plant has a couple of blooms that emerged.
Grape Tomato plant has a couple of blooms that emerged.

In a couple of days I will be putting the cages on both of the plants giving them time to establish roots that will grow because of the rain.

In Summary

The above are things to watch out for that can be easily fixed if noticed early. If your garden did not suffer any damage, enjoy and celebrate! Don’t forget to admire all of your hard work in preparing the plants getting the best chance for a bumper crop.

Happy Gardening!


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