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I am going to try something new.  I have created a format that will be easy to follow.  I am assigning a specific day for one of my three categories I blog about.  They are as follows:

The other thing that I decided I would do is specific days I will write about specific subjects.  They are as follows:

Mondays – The ins and outs of a ‘flylady simplified system’ that I created called ‘Dance Till You FLY! mw  (c) 2014.’  featuring nine non negotiable habits each day every day that help you take care of yourself, your family, and your home and garden.  This is the foundation.  Weekly zones are also covered where one declutters the first part of the week and detail cleans the second part.  Weekly habits for specific days are also an important part of ‘DTYFmw’ and  are named in a dance related theme.  There is a ‘Weekly Home Mambo’ where one performs seven tasks throughout the home as a way to straighten up from the weekend and start the new week off on the right dance step.  I also have events throughout the year where the beginning is all about preparation, the middle just maintaining and the end of the year wrapping up what we learned and to keep from spilling over into the new year.  Each Monday I will be breaking up the DTYFmw System and explaining the logic behind it.  I absolutely LOVE FlyLady. Because of my limitations from having Fibromyalgia I could not do all that she asks. I wasn’t going to to give up. After a hard lesson to learn for me that you must get ‘Dressed To Shoes’ each day in order to feel better about yourself, was I able to move on to other areas. I will talk about that in the coming weeks.

Tuesdays – Anything to do with my passion ‘Gardening.’  I will take you through the season starting with a seed and ending up with an editable fruit or vegetable that I will either vacuum freeze or can.  Tuesdays will be filled with photos once the gardening season begins outside.

Wednesdays – Anything to do with ‘Lifestyle.’  My blog about my great aunt that is 102 years old would fall under this category.

Fridays – ‘Wrapping up’ the week and commenting further from comments that are made on the blogs of the week with links to each blog for easy access to read again or the first time and read others comments.

I hope this will make it easier for you to follow me.  I want your experience to be enjoyable.  I hope this will work for the both of us in the coming months.  Comments are welcome!


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