What Was I Thinking??? The Process Of Decluttering

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As we go through the process of ‘decluttering’ we all have said this at least once in our lifetime…

What Was I Thinking???

You guessed it. We all have strange things we kept at the time for more than one reason or the other.

In The Beginning…

When we first began to start decluttering most of us were overwhelmed to say the least. For some reason many of us never learned that decluttering is also a natural part of taking care of our home.

It Was In The Memo

As we begin to gain control of our lives again, many of us aren’t ready to see this part. Instead if you were like myself, it was all about ‘Organizing.’ 

As learned by the FlyLady.
As learned by the FlyLady.

What Is Clutter Anyway?

It is very simple. It is items that as they passed through our hands we couldn’t make a decision as to what we wanted to do with them and think, ‘I will put it here for now’.

Then There Is That Deadline.

We have all experienced this as well. Examples include:

  • The invitation to a wedding that needs to be RSVP’d.
  • The special slip that goes with a particular dress one plans to wear to the wedding.
  • Just trying to get out the door to work or an appointment.
  • Throwing a ‘Birthday Party’.
  • Changing of the seasons preparation.

Here’s A Cheat Sheet!

We all can use a ‘Cheat Sheet’ from time to time to help us get moving. The following are questions we can as ourselves as we declutter.

Valid questions to ask.
Valid questions to ask.

Make Decluttering Fun!

We have to bring joy and fun back into our lives in order to feel any type of peace. Many of us are simply too serious. It is called ‘Lighten Up’ for a reason. That would also include clutter you no longer need.

Have some FUN today and play along with the game:



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