What’s For Dinner?

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Sirloin Steak, Small Potato, Cucumber Salad

Isn’t this the question we ask ourselves each and every day?  ‘What’s For Dinner?’  Of course it is.  The next question is crucial.  What time of day do you ask this question is going to determine the quality of your meal and the clean up of your kitchen.

Making a meal involves getting the kitchen dirty.  We need dishes to make things with.  If we wait until later in the day this question, the meal will be later and a good possibility of the kitchen not getting cleaned up properly.

I will explain my situation for today.  I unfortunately have a bad case of sinus infection.  I want to get over it as fast as I can so I have been resting most of the day.  Had a neighbor stop by for a visit and can say my home was company ready.

Before any of this, I asked the question ‘What’s For Dinner?’ during my morning routine.  This gave me the time to take my frozen steak out to thaw and make my cucumber salad early after one of my multiple naps I have had today.

I admit it. I let my sinus infection get away from me.  I kept telling myself it was allergies.  Now I have to rest as much as I can and still FLY.  That means I have to be creative and realistic at the same time.

My meal was great and am hoping it will help me heal.  I had a brief moment since I ate early I should do a refrigerator cha cha cha.  It is a fun way in dance terms to say clean the fridge out.  It works for me.

I stepped back and thought wait just a minute.  Giving the situation I am in and the degree of my refrigerator cha cha cha, I stopped to calculate the time it would take and consider walking away with a shiny sink.  Given my condition I would have calculated thirty minutes.  But realistically would be closer to an hour. I also cannot go to bed without shining my sink anymore so I would stay up until it was done, leaving me no time to rest and relax before I do my last two habits of the day.  They are laying out my clothes and getting my launch pad ready.

I am happy to say that I decided to wait.  It isn’t procrastination.  It is was based on the decision of how I am at the beginning stage of a two week course of antibiotics and it takes time for the infection to get out of my system.  I am glad I was able to take the moment to evaluate the situation and feel it was the best decision to wait.  I will work my refrigerator cha cha cha into the coming week where tomorrow I will be planning it.

The moral of this blog is that sometimes we need to slow down in order to make the right decision for our circumstance.  By doing it this way we actually get more done!

The top three habits I do every morning is ‘Get Dressed To Shoes’ ( I consider making my bed as part of getting dressed to shoes), Swish and Swipe my bathroom as I am getting dressed to shoes and while I am doing my swish and swipe, before I leave the bathroom I ask the question ‘What’s For Dinner’.  I go to my freezer and take out the meat I will have to thaw and mark out a time early in the afternoon to make whatever I want to go with the dinner so I am not making the salad the same time I am making dinner.  

Now, I am going to publish this blog and then I am going to rest again with plenty of time to choose my clothes and place whatever I am going to be doing on one of my launch pads.  This allows me an early to bed and continue resting before hand so tomorrow when I wake up, I will feel a better improvement in getting rid of my sinus infection.  Try slowing down in order to get more done.  It usually doesn’t make sense to us because of our personality.  But in fact it does work.  Give it a try.
Dance Till You FLY! mw

Sink Is Shining And Kitchen Cleaned!

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