When Did You Check Your Dryer For “Lint?”

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I was drying a couple of microfiber fabric for my eye glasses.

My new glasses were dirty and so was my microfiber cloths that I had gotten with other glasses.  I had the spray and proceeded to clean my new glasses.  I looked toward the light and there was a film.  I had no other choice than to hand wash them.

They aren’t very big so I didn’t think they would take long to dry.  While I waited I decided to shine my utility sink.  I hadn’t gotten all the mud scum out of it from earlier so thought was a great time.

I am scrubbing away and I noticed the dryer was really smelling hot.  I felt it and could not believe how hot it was for the short time I was drying.

So the SHE that I am, I stopped the dryer, took out the lint catcher and shined a flashlight down there.  Oh my!  So I used the brush I use to clean under the refrigerator.  It was challenging to say the least because the brush kept bending.  With some patience the amount in the picture is what I got out.  I was a bit surprised as I try to clean it out monthly.  Somehow I must have skipped a month.  My sensitive nose came through and smelled danger.  I don’t know how much more is in there but I am now thinking seriously of getting yet another Flylady product from Hey Tom the lint dryer cleaner.

We already have to be aware of Christmas tree fires, let’s all check with a flashlight how much lint is sitting on the bottom of your dryer and get what you can out.  It could save your home and your life!
Dance Till You FLY!

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