One Thing Leads To Another…

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I am sure you have heard this phrase, “Now, where was I?” Today with social media at the touch of our fingertips, many think this phrase before even saying it out loud. That is when the trouble begins…

It Happened To Me Today

I experienced this very thing this morning. It started out with this thought, “I wonder what ‘bulletproof coffee’ tastes like? I will check it out on my Facebook Timeline.”

Normally I like to have my first 2 cups of coffee all to myself. I find it helps set the tone of the day for me. Not today. Instead I had to fire up my Facebook timeline to find the recipe.

I got the recipe and gave it a whirl. Not too bad I think. The next thought is, “I better let my facebook friends know my opinion on ‘bulletproof coffee’. I will post it and then get back to my usual morning routine.”

Fast forward 2 hours. The most activity I have done is get up, walk to the coffee pot to get another cup of coffee and right back to my computer.

Then The Following Happens

A few of my friends likes to send me ‘Coffee Jokes’, thus a Pinterest Board Coffee, Coffee, More Coffee! was born. The following is the one that took me on a wild ride…

The coffee post that took me on a wild ride this morning!

My next thought was, “Wow! Look at those pink appliances!” As a child, I remember getting a pink sink, stove and refrigerator for Christmas one year. Now I have to Google it and find out, but first… let me find the pink sink I pinned on my Kitchen Sinks In History Board“.

Toy Kitchen Sink Similar To Mine.
Toy Kitchen Sink Similar To Mine.

As I went to Pinterest the following thought came next, “I wonder if I can find the photo of me the Christmas I got the sink, stove and refrigerator set.” I found the sink on Pinterest easy enough. Next, go look for that photo…

That's Me! 4 Years Old My Christmas Present In 1963. They are Pink too!
That’s Me! 4 Years Old My Christmas Present In 1963. They are Pink too!

That thought saved me! I got up from the computer to get the photo. It gave me a chance to look at the time and break the spell Facebook had over me. But first…

I Wasn’t Expecting To Write A Blog Post Today

I scanned the photo so I could put it on this post. I did have other plans like doing some decluttering before all of my time will be spent outside in the garden. Yet here I am…

My Friends Are Right

It appears that I have been on this type of – ‘One thing leads to another, but first…’ mode. One moment it was March 1st. Tomorrow is the last full week of March. I look around and I can honestly say I have nothing to show of any progress in my home.

I have been maintaining my home using Keep Calm And Do The Nine! Nine Habits That Make Your Day Run Smooth as part of Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! System (c) 2011-2015.

There are other parts of the system that I have not been very good at. It happens to the best of us. After all HOUSEKEEPING NEVER ENDS! The best we can do is not try to ‘Catch Up’. Instead, ‘Pick Up Where We Left Off’. 

Time For A Change

I admit the ‘One Thing Leads To Another, But First…’ mode has been consuming me this month.  What made me think I needed a change is ‘Now Where Was I?’ mode had also entered my psyche.

How Can I Recover?

It’s simple. I am giving myself  a ‘Marilyn Week’ FREE of ‘Social Media’ during the last full week of March. It’s rather funny how I came to this decision… You guessed it!

‘One Thing Leads To Another, But First…’ mode followed by…    ‘Now Where Was I?’

Yes, I will miss my friends, groups, pages and this blog. Never fear. It is just a week. My next thought is, ‘I wonder if I can really be away from social media for a week?’ I think you all know where this is going, so I am ending my quirky blog post for today. After all, I am out of COFFEE!


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