Your Mom Is On The Phone!

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Marilyn’s Way

How about visiting the time warp!  One of today’s news topics brings me back to the fall of 1977.  It was my first year of college with nothing but a bright future ahead.  I had survive freshman initiation from the older students.  Everyone on our dorm floor did and we stood proud.

Nothing prepared me for the ‘shower’ prank.  Dorms share one large bathroom with showers on each floor.  You carried your towel, toiletries and a fresh pair of clothes when you went.  It was part of dorm life. 

One night I went to take a shower.  While I was in there one of my friends yelled in the bathroom, “Marilyn!  Your mom is on the phone calling long distance!”  I thought great!  I was missing her and wanted to talk.  I turned the shower off and reached for the towel.  I tried to reach for it again and missed.

I looked outside of the shower stall.  My towel and clothes were gone!  What does one do?  Well what I did was tear off the frosted shower curtain and wrapped it around me running down the hall to answer the phone.  As I was running there was a flash.  One of my friends took a picture of me.  It was just the ole shower prank that we had pulled on with one of our other college girlfriends a week before.  Funny how soon one forgets!  

My mom wasn’t on the phone either. What was on was Fleetwood Mac’s latest album playing full blast from the dorm room where the idea to pull the prank on me originated.  I was so embarrassed but not for long.  How could you be upset when they are playing?

Tonight I saw on Facebook Fleetwood Mac is back!  They are kicking off their concert tour September 30th in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Target Center.  The baby boomers will be out in full force! 

It will be a great concert too.  How do I know?  I had the opportunity to see them in concert when I lived in Dallas, Texas.  I had the best seat too and they were ‘Fabulous!’  It would be fun to go again their first night of the tour.  I am only three hours away!

For now, I will pull out one of their CD’s I have, crank it up and finish my ‘Weekly Home Mambo’ that is a (fun word for cleaning) and start dancing!

Dance Till You FLY! mw
Marilyn’s Way

(By the way, I am sure glad we didn’t have Facebook then.  My picture of me running down the hall with the shower curtain wrapped around me probably would have ended on there.  And then there is Instagram!)

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