March Event! Declutter Clothes! Cha Cha Cha!

Spring is right around the corner! It is the time of year when everything comes to life again. Why not do some weeding in your closet and drawers to let the clothes you LOVE shine through?

Many Ways To Declutter Clothes!

With all the information at our fingertips, there are many ways to declutter our clothes. One asks that we take them all out of our closet and drawers and try each one one to see if it brings us joy. I say, if you have time to do this, Go For It!

I had to get honest with myself based on the history of my decluttering practices that this would not be a realistic way for me to go.

I have learned it is more important to keep my home going by way of the  9 Habits Of Marilyn’s Way. These 9 habits must always be the priority before we take on a big project like decluttering our clothes.

Road Map To Get You Started!

I love using the technique of Mind Mapping. It works great for your clothes. I will be putting on a workshop in the near future to help you map out your clothes. In the meantime use my diagram that I quickly sketched that has helped me every time I block out time to declutter my clothes. At  Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! System To Remove Clutter & CHAOS Your Way  we have this monthly event twice a year. March and August works best for the majority. If you would like to join the Closed Group, there is a link to join on my page or click on Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! System To Remove Clutter & CHAOS Your Way  to ask to join the ‘Closed Group’.

clothes mapdecluttermw
A way to make sense of it all.

 What Does Cha Cha Cha! Mean?

When I created the system I wanted fun built in. What better way than to ‘Dance’ your way through this? We Cha Cha Cha! as we go about our decluttering!

Cha Cha Cha! Our Clothes and More!
Cha Cha Cha! Our Clothes and More!

Make This Fun!

Why not join the group and cheer each other on?! What do you have to lose?

Clothes You No Longer Need!

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Donation/Giveaway Box Oh My!

Every home has trash cans in multiple places in the home. We do it to make our lives easier. In fact if we recycle, chances are there is a recycling center set up in the home.

So why don’t we have a Donation/Giveaway Box located somewhere in our home? One of the rules to keep our homes free of clutter is if we bring in something new, naturally something old must go out. And yet we don’t do it. Could it be as simple as having a Donation/Giveaway Box located in let’s say our laundry room?

In my Marilyn’s Way Secret Group January is devoted to the 31 Day Cha Cha Cha Event! It involves throwing away, giving away and putting away  items in our home. When we do sessions of decluttering it is best to have three boxes set up for the task + a timer.

Then there is the time when as you go about your day, you may run into something that you wonder why you bought it and the thought “I need to get rid of this.” thought comes to play. Problem is we won’t act on it because we haven’t created a place to put those items like we do with a trash can. When trash cans are full, naturally they go outside for garbage pick up.

Clock for Marilyns Way Its Challenge Timename4

What is the challenge? It is to stop what you are doing and find a box or a tote and put a sign on it that says Donations/Give Away and place it in your Laundry Room. Next time you find something that you can give away, put it in the box and when the box gets full put it in your car and take it with you to drop off during your next Doo Wop Errand Day! It really is that simple.


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A New Dance! Crisis Cleaning!


Are you ready for a new dance? Most are this time of year. The dance I will be talking about today is ‘Crisis Cleaning’.

The extended family is coming to your home for the holidays. Most of us hold our breath in and afraid to let it out. We seem to panic when company is coming. Why? Peer pressure is probably the main issue.

We have all been here before. Some several times. The point is yes I need to do a ‘Crisis Clean’ and this time I will do it confidently. Why? Because I am giving you a step by step way to crisis clean hitting the high points of your home first that will help you get through this dance.


  1. Get Dressed To Shoes – Before you do anything when it comes to the house, this is the most important step that helps you to begin. I could tell you all the reasons but that is for another time. Take faith and ‘Just Do It’.
  2. Three Zones To Focus On – Bathroom, Kitchen and Living Room. This is where your guests will be spending their time. Do these three areas first and in this order.
  3. Entry and Bedrooms – After the three zones are done.
  4. Start with the Bathroom – We start with the bathroom. Why? Part of getting dressed to shoes will be spent in the bathroom. You are already here so let’s do the ‘Swish & Swipe’. It helps to give a bottle of Windex and some paper towels a home. Set them by the toilet bowl cleaner in the cabinet. Swish the toilet and swipe the mirrors and sink.
  5. Kitchen – Lots of action will be taking place here!  Have you turned your dancing music on yet? ‘Do It Now’. If you have dishes in the sink and on the counter, move them aside. Empty the sink and fill it with hot water and some bleach. Let it soak. Grab a trash bag and begin to move from left to right and clockwise around the kitchen and get rid of trash. There is always plenty in the kitchen. This will free up some space.
  6. Living Room – While the sink is soaking, move on to the living room with your trash bag and start tossing. Magazines and newspapers first, the rest next. Slip into the bathroom to look for trash there. This is the first ‘Cha’ of the Cha Cha Cha. We will take this bag and put it outside in the trash. This includes all trash cans in these areas as well. We have to ‘throw away’ before we can ‘give away’ and ‘put away’ We are not going to be getting into detailed decluttering but if we see something that can be given away it is going into a box. Scan the three rooms quickly and without much thought. Whatever you collect take it to the car to be donated on your next errand day. Here comes the hardest. It is the ‘Put Away’ part of the crisis cleaning. It will be a challenge but can be done. Go to each of the top 3 rooms and gather like items to be picked up and put away in the general area it belongs. Do some light dusting in the living room.
  7. Break Time! – Remember this is a crisis clean. We just want our homes presentable for a short period of time while having guests. If we have to ‘Stash n Dash’ so be it.  The only way one can keep it clean is by creating 9 habits to practice each day that take care of ourselves, our families and our home’. We crisis clean for 30 minutes, take a break for 15 minutes, repeat until done.
  8. Back To The Kitchen – Scrub around the faucets and the faucet itself. You can also scrub around the edge of your sink. Drain you bleach water and next fill up one side of the sink with hot soapy water. It is time to do the dishes and get them done whether it is hand washing or putting them into the empty dishwasher. We cannot scrub our counters and appliances until we get rid of the dishes and anything else sitting out. If you are hand washing your dishes, as soon as you are done, move on to drying them and putting them away. This is crucial. It helps you get to the next step of wiping counters, cupboards and appliances down. Move from left to right, top to bottom and move clockwise around the room using your left hand to lift objects so you can wipe with your right hand. Continue to work around the room until you get back to the sink. Depending on how dirty the counters are you may have to back track to clean you dish cloth out and then go back to where you left off.
  9. Floors, floors, floors – Vacuum all your floors if you can to pick up dirt and dust. Then mop the floors and you are done! If you have some free time touch up the entry and if you don’t have time for the bedrooms, you can always shut the door!


If you want to gain control so crisis cleaning isn’t an issue I invite you into my facebook group Marilyn’s Way where we practice Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! that involves 9 daily habits plus a weekly one for a specific day. Once we get comfortable with the first level we move on to the 2nd. It is monthly zone events for specific weeks. Finally the 3rd level is where we have our special events that last all month long in specific area certain times of the year to assist in maintaining your home. You can join by sending me a personal friend request at and I will add you to the group.



The Great Declutter Your Kitchen Cha Cha Cha Event!

November is here and this is the month that many from my secret group Marilyn’s Way focus on the kitchen. It is a great time because the holidays are upon us and it makes it easier to do holiday cooking and baking.

More importantly it helps one to get dinner on the table and easy clean up. That is what many are looking for during the holidays. The trick is to become creative. While you are doing your kitchen declutter why not eat on paper plates a few times a week. You can use the time you would be doing dishes by way of decluttering.

Kitchen Triangle Work Area

This is where one should start and work your way outward. Keep only the things you use on a daily basis in this area. That would be things like silverware, utensils, dishes, pots, pans, bakeware and basics like flour, sugar, coffee, tea, spices, salt and pepper.

There are many sites that will show you step by step. They are great if you have the time. My philosophy has always been each individual knows what they need to work on and make this the focus. I love these monthly events. If you are a SHE (sidetracked home executive) like me, excitement and energy is at the highest the beginning of the month. Plan accordingly.

If you want support simply join my secret group Marilyn’s Way. The instructions follow.

Can you believe the holidays are gaining momentum? One thing for sure this weekend, most of us will fall back 1 hour because Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 am!


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Are You Trapped In Clutter?

It seems our homes, offices and lives are more cluttered than ever before. A recent UCLA study revealed that American families are overwhelmed by their stuff.

Advertisers seem to have sold the idea that our things will save us time and money all while making our lives easier. Instead the truth is our stuff is suffocating our lives.

Clutter Costs Money

  • Devalues our home
  • Takes up valuable space-both physically and mentally
  • Sucks up our time and keeps us from doing the things we want to do
  • A distraction and a source of continual stress

Big Box Office Supply Stores

Have you ever gone into one of these stores to get an ink refill for your pen and walked out with a large bag of all kinds of office supplies? If this has happened to you the store has accomplished its task.

Lack Of Organization

These stores try to convince us that our problem is lack of organization. We spend more money buying bins, labels, and dividers. The self-storage industry is a billion dollar business that is happy to take our money and store our stuff, costing us more than what our things are even worth.

Follow The 80/20 Rule

They say we use 80% of our things only 20% of the time or 20% of our things 80% of the time. However you look at it there is a reason to begin to do a ‘Cha Cha Cha!’

To Declutter Is To Cha Cha Cha!

  • Throw Away
  • Give Away
  • Put Away

As my mentor Flylady has said, ‘You Cannot Organize Clutter. You Can Only Get Rid Of It’. 


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The First Cha Of The Great Declutter Your Clothes, Your Closet and Cha Cha Cha! Event

Today is Day 9 of The Great Declutter Your Clothes, Your Closet and Cha Cha Cha! Event held in Marilyn’s Way Group.  For the first 9 days I asked everyone to go through their clothes and closet to find things that can be thrown away.  Some of the items can be:

  • Socks without a partner
  • Soiled and Holey Clothes Beyond Repair
  • Tags You Took Off A Garment You Bought That Never Made It To The Trash
  • All The Things You Empty From Your Pockets That Needed To Be Thrown Away.
  • Old Magazines
  • Expired Medication In Your Bedside Table
  • Empty Boxes In The Closet That Need To Be Tossed Out

As you can see, all of the above take up space making it difficult to ‘Get Dressed To Shoes’ each day as Habit 1 of Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! System. It happens to the best of us by simply thinking we don’t have time to throw it away or get stuck into indecision.

If you are having a difficult time decluttering your clothes, your closet and cha cha cha’ing start with the Throw Away part of the Cha Cha Cha!  Just seeing some space in your closet will give you the incentive to do the second part of cha cha cha! and that will be the Give Away pile.

Get a trash bag and set your timer for 15 minutes tossing away all the unnecessaries that have found their way into this area.  You will be surprised at what you can do!  It is ‘Just 15 Minutes’!  Go for it!


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Banana Pepper Poppers Cha Cha Cha!

I love to grow all kinds of peppers.  My banana pepper plant has had a high yield.  Why not try to make some Banana Poppers!

Where did the term ‘Poppers’ originate that can be another word for appetizers?  I decided to google it.  I found a link for Jalapeno Poppers that will give you the information if you tend to be a curious person like myself.

As I said I have had a bumper crop of banana peppers so I thought why not use them in place of jalapeno peppers.  I found a recipe called Baked Banana Pepper Poppers.  I don’t have all the ingredients that the recipe calls for so why not just improvise!

I am going to replace the cheddar cheese for colby monterey cheese.  I will omit the bacon and go light on the seasonings.  When you live 40 miles from town you learn to adjust.

banana peppers blogBanana Peppers

Next up is to cut in half vertically and remove the seeds carefully.  Just to be safe, I am wearing vinyl gloves.  I once cleaned some jalapeno peppers without gloves and the pain I had to endure after was horrible!  Learned my lesson.

banana pepper poppers blog2 001Banana Peppers Halved and Seeded.

banana pepper poppers blog3 002 Ingredients for the filler.

banana pepper poppers blog4 003 Mix all together.

banana pepper poppers blog5 005 Take the filling and put into the banana pepper halves.

banana pepper poppers blog6 006When filled, place them in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

banana pepper poppers steps1 001 4 ingredients for the batter. 1 cup of milk , 2 cups of flour, 4 beaten eggs, and 2 cups panko bread crumbs.

banana pepper poppers steps2 003 Dip pepper poppers in milk.

banana pepper poppers steps3 006 Roll in flour. Set aside for 5 minutes.

banana pepper poppers steps4 007 Dip pepper poppers in eggs and roll in bread crumbs.

banana pepper poppers steps5 008Bake at 350 F Degrees for 25 – 30 minutes.

bakedbananapepperpoppersendresultYum!  They turned out great! I ate a couple and the rest will cool and I will freeze them for whenever the munchies strike me.  I will be ready!

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Hosting A Birthday Party! Cha Cha Cha!

Tomorrow I am hosting a birthday party for a friend of mine’s baby girl ‘Sarah Mae’ who turns 1 year old!  If you have been following me for some time, Beth, (Sarah’s Mommy)is one of the girls I began mentoring when she and Jenna (our other friend) were 14 years old.  Today both girls are 19 and Beth has a darling little girl who turns 1 year old tomorrow.  It seemed fitting that I host a birthday party at my home since my home has always been a place where we have had so much fun before by having fun parties.

It will be a simple birthday party.  I am going to try to find some things around my home to decorate.  The idea is to be creative.  But first…

A Weekly Home Mambo!

What is it?  It is focusing on 7 tasks that can get your home in the party mode!  Block off a time of an hour and a half dedicated for it.  Some of the tasks take no time at all and others will take an hour like washing your sheets.  If you have an extra set it is even better!  The following is the list.

Weekly homemambo14Weekly Home Mambo

Add the 9 Habits and let the celebrating begin!

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Overcoming Feeling Behind

During the summer months, feeling behind can get the best of me if I don’t learn how to pace myself.  I have my regular home routines of the 9 habits from Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! System, gardening and lawn care, and any summer projects.  This year the summer project is painting my house.

Today I was beginning to have those feelings of “Feeling Behind”.  Where does it come from?  It was time for me to find out.


It is this never ending cycle we have come to learn.  The problem is it becomes normal, familiar and automatic.  Yes, it becomes ‘Habit’.

I will be honest with you.  The feelings of always ‘feeling behind’ has been the biggest challenge to correct for me. This morning I caught myself in the cycle once again.

How Did I Get Here Again?

It always amazes me when I get into this state of mind.  I am wondering how I got here, where in fact I already know.

I Went Off The Beaten Path

This summer I have an extra project besides gardening and taking care of the yard.  The project involves painting my house.  I have a good start at it.  Then it rained for a few days.  Now I have had to wait a few days to let the wood dry out to prevent the paint from bubbling.  I got to tell you.  I was really getting into the zone!  The problem was I was skipping a few of my Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! 9 habits I practice daily.

One can get away with skipping a habit here and there but when one doesn’t do a particular habit for 3 days, the 4th day we are naturally going to get that feeling of ‘feeling behind’.  It becomes the never ending cycle again.

Not only this, but the weekly habits I practice haven’t been consistent the past couple of months.  It is in these habits I am now learning one can skip the weekly habits on specific days only once in awhile.  It is the weekly habits that must stay consistent if we ever want to overcome the feeling of ‘feeling behind’.

Be Open To Self-Awareness

The only way one can find a solution to every problem is by becoming self-aware.  The greatest gift we can give ourselves is ‘self-awareness’ by accepting the fact we are in fact human and there are going to be times we get off the beaten path.  If during the time we are practicing our daily, weekly and monthly habits we learn to F. L. Y. by First Love Yourself in order to love others, those feelings of feeling behind will show up at your door maybe for a morning verses having the ‘feeling behind’ become overwhelming and lasting over a week.

There are some other ways to overcome ‘feeling behind’.  I will be writing about it in a future post.  For now, the following are 9 Daily Habits with 1 weekly habit and 1 monthly habit called ‘zone work’.  If you can begin to practice these, I promise you will overcome ‘feeling behind’.

9habitsnameform  Daily Habits

Weekly habitsnamewhmWeekly Habits

Monthly habitsnameMonthly Habits

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Kitchen Cha Cha Cha!

It’s Gardening Season and during this time my kitchen can take a beating.  I am constantly in and out of it as the Kitchen is the ‘Heart of the Home’.

Yesterday I wrote about my ‘3 Day/3 Week/3 Load Limit’.  This is a way to help me when life gets in the way.  After 3 Days of not doing all of the 9 habits, it is then time to stop everything and focus on doing a 45 minute ‘Kitchen Cha Cha Cha’ 15 minutes at a time.   The following is my starting point and will show you my 15 minutes at a time progress.

This is a tutorial for educational purpose only.  I write about doing things in real time and have learned to be realistic by practicing this method.

Kitchen during gardening 018 My starting point.  I start at my Launch Pad working clockwise and top to bottom.  I start with the first Cha.  It is throwing away everything that has no value.  The next Cha is to put away the items that have a home and to group the like items together.  The last Cha is give away in which this session I don’t have anything.

Kitchen during gardening 019 Here is the other angle.

After 15 minutes 001 After 15 minutes of Kitchen Cha Cha Cha!  Above I explained how I did it.

After 15 minutes 002 Other angle.

After 30 Minutes 001 This is after 30 minutes.  You see I am making progress.

After 30 Minutes 002Other angle.

After 30 minutes I was getting tired.  I had put 3 days of hard work into gardening earlier and am not at the top of my game.  I move forward with a promise of a 30 minute break that includes lunch.

After 45 minutes 001 After 45 minutes the kitchen is in working order again.  I added photos of some of the things I did during this time.

After 45 minutes 002 Other angle

After 45 minutes 003 This is my ‘Dance Card’ or Control Journal.  Some days I get lots filled in and some days not.  Most of it is by memory now.

After 45 minutes 004 This is my PTL Gardening Book.  I have it by zones to help me stay on top of taking care of gardens and the yard.

After 45 minutes 005

Part of what was in my kitchen were seeds I still want to plant.  I decided to corral them and place in this container I can take back and forth as I continue to plant.After 45 minutes 006 These are ‘Moonflowers’ that have been soaking overnight for easier germination.

After 45 minutes 007 I shined my stove top.After 45 minutes 008 I shined my sink!

After 45 minutes 009 I even shined my mirror!

After 45 minutes 010 I shined my coffee pot, (not shown) and my microwave.

After 45 minutes 011 This is my blogging PTL book.  I am learning so many new things I have to keep track of.

After 45 minutes 012And here is what is left from the paper clutter scattered around the kitchen earlier.  I plan to spend at least 30 minutes on that today.

Kitchen during gardening 001 I have my 9 habits made up as a photo of my ‘Bleeding Heart’ plant.  It you would like a copy I will have my Etsy Shop set up soon and you will be able to purchase them.  It is a nice guide that will go with any decor.  The power of 3.

Kitchen during gardening 002You can see I have some of my favorite things on my refrigerator.  You will notice I also have a copy of ‘What To De-Clutter?’ guide.  I am thinking of taking a photo of my flowers and make it into a photo and have them available for sale.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial of a ‘Kitchen Cha Cha Cha!’ part of the Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! System.


Any thoughts or questions?  Feel free to comment.  I am a real person that did this tutorial in real time and I would LOVE to hear from you!

I also have a secret group called Marilyn’s Way where a group of us support each other while learning the 9’s.  If you are interested in joining, send me a friend request at and I will be happy to add you to the group!  If you can send me a quick message that you would like to join the group.  It is ‘Secret’ and that means it is by invitation only and does not show up in the search for groups.